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Thursday, June 6, 2013

UPRETHY SUGGETED 14 NOVEMBER ELECTION Kathmandu, 6 June: Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantha Uprethy has suggested second constituent assembly should be conducted on 14 November, Gorkhapatra reports. ‘Eecton should be conducted at the earliest. Uprethy suggested election immediately after bhai tika, chhath and Haribodhani Ekahashi. ::”The commission feels election should be conducted at the earliest. Snowfall will affect many villages. It will also be easy to conduct re-election if a vote is held early,” the commissioner said. nnnn UPDATE TAPLEJUNG LANDSLIDE Kathmandu, 6 June: Death toll in Thursday morning’s landslide has risen to eight. Three others are still missing. Two houses were swept away. Three were injured and five saved their lives in a settlement one day’s trek from district headquarters. nnnn THREE MEMBERS OF FAMILY SWEPT AWAY BY SWOLLEN RIVER Kathmandu, 6 June: Three members of a family were swept away Thursday by a swollen river at Jhangajholi in Sindhuli, including a 78-year0 old man. One person has been found dead while search continues for two others. nnnn. PRACHANDA, PRESIDENT TALKS Kathmandu, 6 June: Maoist Chairman Prachanda held discussions with President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav Thursday. Talks came one day ahead of a meeting of a high-level political committee of three parties and Madesh Morcha centered around constituent assembly elections. Nnnn UPENDRA YADAV REGMI TALKS Kathmandu, 6 June: Head of a front and leader of MJFN Upendra Yadav Thursday held discussions with Chairman Khil Raj Regmi centered around 13 demands. Yadav said oif demands aren’t met the front will call off talks and go on street protests. Talks centered around elections. Nnnn UPDATE FIVE FORMER FINANCE MINISTERS PRESENT MEMORANDUM TO REGMI Kathmandu, 6 June: Five finance ministers from different parties Thursday handed over a memorandum to Chairman Khil Raj Regmi opposing a decision of Nepal Electricity Authority to upgrade the capacity of Trishuli A from 60 to 90MW. They argued the move will delay the project due for completion in 2014 while nation will have to bear an additional Rs2billion cost. Nnnn CHAIRMAN REGMI, US AMBASSADOR TALKS; OTHER DETAILS Kathmandu, 6 June: Chairman Khil Raj Regmi Thursday briefed US Ambassador Peter W.Bodde Thursday on preparations for constituent assembly elections. Bodde assured US assistance for the vote. Kathmanu-based European envoys Thursday held collective discussions with UML Chairman and current chief of a high-level political committee of Big Three and Madesh Morcha. Discussions centered around elections as well. nnnn BHOTO DISPLAY FRIDAY Kathmandu, 6 Jone: Bhoto will be displayed from the chariot of Rato Machindranath Friday at Jawalakhel. The 1,600 year-old jatra of Rato Machindranath , the country’s longest, will end with the display. nnnn


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