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Friday, June 14, 2013

US WELCOMES ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT Kathmandu, 14 June: United States has welcomed announcement of second constituent assembly elections 19 November. .“We welcome the announcement by the Interim Election Council of Ministers in Nepal that Constituent Assembly elections will take place on November 19th,. “We congratulate the people of Nepal as they prepare for free, fair, and inclusive elections, which are the hallmark of every democracy” said. Jenniferer R. Psaki, spokesperson for the US Department of State at a daily press briefing in Washington on Friday. She called the government decision an important step since the dissolution of the previous Constituent Assembly, USA will support the election preparations, she added. Norway has congratulated the people of Nepal. “Election at this moment in time is crucial to bring Nepal back on track for the continuation of a peaceful, democratic and inclusive Nepal. We therefore also welcome the decision by the political parties to rise above party politics and coming to an agreement that puts the welfare of the nation first,” a statement of the Norwegian embassy in Kathmandu said. Switzerland also welcomed Thursday’s election announcement. “Democratic elections are a prerequisite for the consolidation of the transformation of Nepal into an inclusive and democratic federal state. They are also essential for increased effectiveness of development cooperation,” said the Swiss embassy. Switzerland offered technical and financial support. nnnn


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