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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Kathmandu, 24 June: King Gyanendra is scheduled to paya flying visit of
Darchula in the far-West Wednesday to distribute relief to flood and
landslide victims..
He’s distributing relief on behalf of Himani Trust headed by his
daughter-in-law and former Crown Princess Himani.
The entire family of the former king has made Dhanhadi base for the
visit of three flood and landslide to distribute relief.
The former ling is in the region informing the government.
Election commission asked the then king and trust to observe a flawed
 election  code of conduct to stop relief distribution even through they are
engaged in electioneering for the 19 November vote.
Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattaraai revealed NC and UML
stopped his attempts to arrest the former king when he was prime minister
for more thn 17 months for engaging in politics by visiting temples for puja and prayers attempting to prevent a person from his right of worship.
Bhattarai charged the then king was out to defame a republic even though
his party was charged for widespread crimes during the 10-uer
Government and parties have failed to institutionalize a declared
republic and are blaming others for their failure while attempting to
deny citizens their fundamental rights..
The ‘liberal’communist leader revealed his darker side Tuesday
confirming he attempted to gag the former king now
openly supported by rival CPN Maoist as a genuine ‘nationalist’.
Bhattarai confirmed he was out to forcibly impose his and party’s will
on the people and state without tolerating dissenting opinion.
This comes as a time when the party is seeking a two-third majority in assembly elections to draft a constitution and impose their agenda on the people and nation.


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