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Sunday, July 28, 2013



Kathmandu, 29 July: Two passengers were killed and four were injured MOday morning in Nawalparasi.
The bus fell 200 meters off the road.
It was traveling in the district fro Kawassssssssssoti
The driver has been arrested.
Two persons were killed and six
were injured when a bus smashed against a stationary
vehicle along Lamahi Amiliya road in Dang Sunday..
The bus was Going to Dhaangadi from the capital.


Kathmandu, 29 July: Two persons were injured Monday
morning in a fire
The fire broke out infront of a guest houst in front of TU Teaching Hospital.


Kathmandu, 28 July Capital temperature Monday morning was 21 dengees Celsius.
Temperature is expected to rise to 28 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.
Rainfall recorded Sunday was3.66mm.


Kathmandu, 29  July: Expressing ´serious´ concerns over the anti-poll activities of the Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist, the Election Commission (EC) has instructed the government to curb any activity that can harm the integrity and fairness of the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election scheduled for November 19, Gani Ansari writes in Republica..

The constitutional body sent a letter regarding the instruction to the Interim Election Council three days after CPN-Maoist General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa launched a "nationwide campaign" against CA polls by smashing a mock ballot box in the capital.

"We have instructed the government to inform the commission about any action taken, and if not then work seriously toward stopping such activities," Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety told Republica about the EC´s instruction to the government.

The EC has also cautioned CPN-Maoist not to become involved in ´unwanted´ and ´illegal´ activities that prevent the citizens from exercising franchise.

When asked why did the commission delay to respond to the CPN-Maoist move, the chief election commissioner said, "We waited to see if the government took any action against the move but the EC did not come to know about any action. So, we wrote to the government in this regard today (Sunday)."

Uprety also made it clear that the EC would have immediately responded to the move of the CPN-Maoist if the party was registered with the commission.

Most of the 33 constituent parties of the CPN-Maoist-led alliance are not registered with the EC stating that they would not participate in the forthcoming CA election to be conducted by a technocratic government.

Uprety said the commission believes that the attention of the Interim Election Council might have been drawn toward the recent activities of the CPN-Maoist as the election code of conduct is already in force.

"The government has crucial role in implementing the election code of conduct."

He maintained that no group, organization, political party or individual should get involved in any activity that can vitiate election environment.

The constitutional body has concluded that the recent activity of the CPN-Maoist may affect free and fair elections.

"The government should immediately devise ways to stop anti-election activities," said Uprety, adding, "If such activities are not stopped other groups may also come up with anti-poll activities in the coming days."

CPN-Maoist General Secretary Thapa on Thursday had launched a "nationwide campaign" against the Constituent Assembly (CA) election by smashing a mock ballot box.

In its strong-worded statement, the commission has termed the move ´indecent´. The EC has stated that the CPN-Maoist´s move will disrupt the election environment and has infringed upon the rights of people to choose their representative through elections.

The commission has also warned that it would be compelled to take action against anyone found involved in ´unwanted´ and ´illegal´ activities by ignoring the election code of conduct.



Kathmandu, 29  July: Business community on Sunday unveiled ´Business Code of Conduct Concepts´ and declared that they would not give donations to any political parties and persons with the intention of gain.

"We will not give any kind of donations, presents, services or facilities to any political person or party with an intention of gain in the coming days," reads the business code of conduct that Chief of Interim Election Council Khila Raj Regmi unveiled on Sunday.

The business code of conduct has set ethics in six different areas such as consumer protection, tax and financial accountability, labor, environment, anti-corruption, and competition and market protection. “The code of conduct has been prepared to pave the future path for good practices for business community," Padma Jyoti, president of Nepal Business Institute (NBI) said.

The NBI prepared the business code of conduct after holding consultations with members of the business community.The code of conduct explicitly focuses on donations and gifts at a time when business people are lobbying for developing a system where they can include donations given to political parties in their account.

"We uphold the principle that we must not give bribe, gifts and donations directly or indirectly for our business and financial advantage," states the code of conduct concept paper. "If any situation is created where we are forced to conduct such acts, we will lodge complaints with the concerned agencies."

Unveiling the code of conduct, Regmi assured business community that the government would provide all necessary help to implement the business ethics. "The most important thing at the moment is creating industrial-friendly environment in the country," Regmi said. "The government is ready to help the business community to implement the code of conduct. I also expect the business community to stick to the ethics it has set for itself."

Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar, vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), said the entire business community is ready to follow the code of conduct for fair and good practices in the business sector.

Similarly, the code of conduct also states that the business community would not support monopoly and unhealthy business practices. "We will be mindful of ´the sovereignty of consumers´, " reads the code of conduct.

The business community has also expressed commitment for paying taxes on time, respecting consumers´ right, protecting environment, and abiding by the law of the land to ensure competition in the market, among others.



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