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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Kathmandu, 1 Aug. A function was held in the capital Wednesday to mark the 86th founding anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and the 58th anniversary of the establishment of NepaL-China diplomatic relations.
Army Chief Gen. Gaurav SJB Rana who just concluded an official China
visit attended the function.
 “China opposes any form of hegemonism or power politics, will never interfere in the internal matters of other countries and will never seek hegemony or behave in a hegemonic manner, nor will it engage in military expansion,” said Chinese Defence Attache Senior Colonel Cheng Xizhong..


Kathmandu, 1 Aug.; A wild tusker killed a woman squatter
at Dhungrekhola-8in Sarlahi Wednesday. according to the police.

The 75-year-old woman died instantly.

Kathmandu, 1 Aug.: : The Supreme Court has postponed the much-awaited final hearing on the appointment of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi as chairman of the interim election government, which was scheduled for tomorrow [Thursday], The Himalayan Times Reports. [.

Citing technical reasons, the court today shelved the hearing meant to test the constitutionality of the Regmi-led bureaucratic government.

“The court is yet to receive written explanations from Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (D) Chairman Bijaya Gachhadar, so it postponed the hearing,” Shreekanta Paudel, spokesman for the SC, told The Himalayan Times. According to Paudel, the apex court will reschedule the date for the final hearing tomorrow.

The 10-member bench, comprising Acting Chief Justice Damodar Prasad Sharma, Justices Ram Kumar Prasad Shah, Kalyan Shrestha, Girish Chandra Lal, Sushila Karki, Prakash Osti, Baidhyanath Upadhayay, Tarka Raj Bhatta, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and Bharat Bahadur Karki/ had scheduled the hearing for tomorrow after a daylong hearing on July 4 on whether it is appropriate or not for ad hoc judges to conduct the hearing.

Of the 24 cases filed against the Regmi government, the bench has chosen seven cases for hearing.

Another reason for the postponement is the absence of seniormost Justice Shah, who is currently undergoing treatment in Bangkok.

Koirala and Gachhadar are also defendants in a writ petition that advocate Subas Acharya had filed challenging the presidential order of March 13.

According to the apex court, it has chosen seven cases — Chandra Kanta Gyawali v the Government of Nepal, Kanchankrishna Neupane v GoN, Gopal Siwakoti Chintan v GoN, Subash Acharya v GoN, Kishori Mahato v GoN, Amar KC v GoN and Bharat Jangum v GoN — to test the legality of the present government and the presidential order.

After the SC’s announcement to postpone the hearing, lawyers questioned the motive behind frequent postponement of crucial cases.

“This shows that the court has been intentionally delaying cases against the government,” Gyawali, an advocate and one of the petitioners, who has challenged the constitutionality of the Chief Justice-led election government, alleged.


Kathmandu, 1 Aug.: Unified CPN-Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai Wednesday accused some domestic and foreign forces of conspiring to revive monarchy in the
Country, tHe Rising Nepal reports from Gorkha..

Inaugurating his party’s election campaign in Gorkha, Bhattarai alleged that national and foreign forces were hatching a plot to reinstate monarchy in the country. The former Prime Minister Bhattarai called on the signatories of the 12-point understanding to foil conspiracies aimed at the revival of monarchy.

On poll disruption threats of ultra-left and ultra-right parties, Bhattarai cautioned people and parties to not ignore their strength to disrupt polls and ulterior motive of reinstating monarchy and the constitution of 1990.

Coming down heavily on the CPN-Maoist’s recent remarks that they were open to unity with the ex-king for the sake of nationalism, Bhattarai said the ex-king and defunct monarchy had never been supporters of nation and nationalism.

“This is not the time to look for opportunities to reconcile with the ex-monarch, but it is high time the Congress and Communists worked together for the betterment of the nation,” Bhattarai said.

He alleged that ex-king Gyanendra Shah was weaving a conspiracy to foil the CA polls in the name of religious activity.

He held that Shah had increased his hobnobbing with foreign forces to augment his clout. On a different note, Bhattarai said his party will contest the upcoming CA polls focusing on agendas of nationalism, federalism, economic development and prosperity. “The issue of

nationalism should not be the agenda of a single party. Since Nepal lies between India and China, the country has to formulate a common foreign policy to strengthen nationalism”, Bhattarai said.

Bhattarai remarked that nationalism was actually the sense of empowerment felt by the people and an economically prosperous country.

He urged major political parties to forge consensus on a federal set-up that guarantees the marginalised people their rights and gives them a scope to assert their identity.

In yet another context, Bhattarai called on the parties to formulate a common national economic policy for the country’s speedy development. “No matter which party is voted to power, their focus should be development,” Bhattarai argued.

Kathmandu, 1 Aug.: The CPN-Maoist today responded positively to the government’s second call for talks, but said that it would decide on whether to sit for talks only after consulting with the 33-party alliance, The Himalayan Times reports..

“We had rejected the government’s first call as it had mentioned November polls as precondition. Then, we said we would sit for talks only when the government was ready for talks without any condition. As the second letter from the government has not mentioned any condition, we are positive,” said CPN-M Secretary Dev Gurung.

Gurung, however, said the meeting of the alliance, likely to be held on Friday, would decide whether to sit for talks.

The letter sent today by government talks team coordinator and Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire to CPN-Maoist chairman Mohan Baidhya said, “I again call on the CPN-M and its allies to come for talks as the government is confident that all problems can be solved through talks and consultations.” A government official today handed over the letter at the CPN-M headquarters in Buddhanagar.

The government, on July 19, had written to the CPN-M and its allies for talks. Responding to the call, CPN-M General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa, on July 26, had demanded unconditional talks.

Demanding that the March 13 agreement and 25-point presidential decree be scrapped and solutions be sought through an all party conference, the CPN-M and its alliance has refused to participate in the election process. It has also rejected calls for talks thrice, made by the High Level Political Committee.

Taskforce sets riders

The taskforce of the 33-party alliance, on wednesday sent a letter to the HLPC saying it wouldn’t sit for talks until HLPC was ready for unconditional talks. “As the HLPC’s formal call had set talks for the November 19 poll as a condition we responded that we were not ready for conditional talks. We have said in our response today that we also have a precondition — postpone the November 19 poll,” said taskforce member and leader of Social Democratic Party Pasang Sherpa. The alliance also objected to the language of the letter sent by HLPC last week as the letter did not properly address the 33-party alliance, he said.


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