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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

samakk partues

Kathmandu, 2 July:: The small political parties have suggested the Constituency Delineation Commission (CDC) to consider population, geography, and resources for development while delimiting the constituencies for the coming election to the Constituent Assembly.

Speaking at the discussion that the CDC organised with them in the capital on Tuesday, some fringe party speakers said that if all constituencies across the country were delimited again, it may result in the risk of postponement of the stipulated CA election. However, some said if the population was made only basis to delimit constituencies, all constituencies need to be reconsidered.

Chairperson of Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi Devi), Sarita Giri, said that the CDC could take up its job, rising above the technical aspects. Political agreement could also be mulled before delineating the constituency, she added.

Similarly, Chairman of Samajbadi Janata Party, Prem Bahadur Singh, drew the CDC's attention that it could not forget the distribution of resources for development while delineating the constituency.

Federal Socialist Party leader Rakam Chemjong said constituency delimitation for the 2008 CA election could be followed for the next election as well.

Rukmini Chaudhary of the Federal Democratic National Forum (Tharuhat), demanded separate constituencies for women.

At the meeting, CDC Chairman Tahir Ali Ansari said the CDC would heed the genuine suggestions from different parties and act as per the constitution and laws.

Similarly, CDC Spokesperson Tek Prasad Dhungana informed that they would hold discussion with the concerned experts next day.
Kathmandu, 2 July:: A Shree Airlines helicopter heading to Pokhara from Dolpa district has made an emergency landing due to poor visibility in Kushma Bazaar, Parbat district headquarters this [Tuesday] morning, RSS reports from Parbat..

The helicopter made an emergency landing at around 10:00 am today at the Chandika Armed Police Battalion in Kushma Bazaar.

As many as six people including the members of the crew were on board of the chopper.

The chopper was heading to Pokhara to refill fuel.

It has been raining heavily in Parbat today and sky remains cloudy. The helicopter was chartered to Dolpa on Sunday.


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