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Thursday, August 22, 2013



Kathmandu, 22 Aug.: The Government of Nepal has received billions of rupees from the international community for the successful conduction of the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, slated for November 19., RSS writes,

The development partners of Nepal, with a view to consolidating democracy and institutionalising republic through a constitution have generously offered physical and economic support for elections.

The northern neighbour China sending off Deputy Prime Minister level State Councilor Yang Jiechi to Nepal at top political level, not only expressed solidarity to CA polls but instantly announced monetary support to the tune of Rs 15.41 billion for the procurement of materials required for elections.

The concerned officials of both countries signed the bilateral agreement relating to cooperation to the CA elections in the presence of Chairman of the Interim Election Council of Ministers and visiting State Councilor Yang.

Likewise, the southern neighbour India too felt the need to cooperate with Nepal in its endeavour of holding free and fair elections. For the same, India acceded to provide adequate vehicles for the same.

Coinciding with Chinese State Councilor's visit that concluded just two weeks before, Indian Minister for External Affairs, Salman Khursid paid an official visit to Nepal. He not only reiterated unity to the Government of Nepal's decision to hold elections, but also accentuated on indispensability of the polls for the speedy economic prosperity and sustainability of democracy.

He also conveyed providing every possible support from the people and the Government of India. During his sojourn, Indian side agreed to assist Nepal and both parties reached a deal to provide Rs 800 million worth 764 different types of vehicles, which will be supplied for the use of the Election Commission and security-related agencies.

Both China and India have been stating that they could proffer additional support to CA elections, provided that the Government of Nepal requests succinctly what sort of assistance Nepal expects.

Japan, one of the largest development partners of Nepal has already agreed to provide a grant assistance of Rs 142 million to the Government for the purchase of products and services to be used in the upcoming CA Election.

Agreement to this effect has been signed by the competent officials of both nations. Terming CA elections as a 'backbone' to democracy, Western nations as well have been pledging strong support and extending every possible back up.

The United States of America has also communicated willingness to assist CA polls at par with China and India, and has been supporting Nepal's elections with five programmes implemented through six partners.

The US has not declared any new projects since similar programmes relating to elections are ongoing. These programmes are funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). So far, the US has pumped in Rs 5.61 billion, according to current exchange rate for these projects.

The US has provided Rs. 260 million through cooperation with Carter Centre including for training for 10,000 menpower for election observation. The USA has provided Rs. 2.39 billion for the five year project for political party consolidation and election.


Kathmandu, 22 Aug.: Six people were injured in a road accident at Pakaha Mainpur VDC in Parsa district on Thursday morning, RSS reports from Birgunj..

The accident took place when a bus (Na 3 Kha 8490) heading towards Sabaithaba from Birgunj hit a roadside electric pole.

The injured are undergoing treatment at local health post, said Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Border Security Office of the Armed Police Force, Mohan Bahadur Chhetri.

Police have impounded the vehicle and search for the driver is underway.


Kathmandu, 22 Aug.: Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), Kamal Thapa, said that there was a possibility of holding election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) on the declared date if a roundtable conference was held within a
Week.  RSS reports from Chitwan.
At a news conference organised by the Chitwan branch of the Reporters' Club at Bharatpur Airport on Thursday, Thapa said the President and the Chairman of the Interim Election Council should take initiatives to hold the roundtable conference as it was the only alternative to bring the agitating parties including the CPN-Maoist led by Mohan Baidhya to election.

The RPP-Nepal Chairman said that Nepali people are in favour of election, so the government and the Election Commission should come out of the four-party syndicate so as to hold the CA election.

He said that a 'National Unity Journey' will be started from Gorkha on September 11 and 'Signature Collection' across the nation from September 20.

Thapa arrived here today in course of cadres gathering and training.


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