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Friday, August 2, 2013


Kathmandu, 3 Aug.: Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantyh Uprehy said Saturday morning the commission in consultation with government Sunday is
considering to update a voters ‘for a very short time without
affecting election schedule legally’.
Uorety told this to Radio Nepal Saturday morning and added talks with government will be held on the issue.
He revealed Maoist Chairman Prachanda also made a request to him at a meeting Friday.
The Maoist chief, Uprety, said, made the request on behlf of the HLPM of foyr parties behind the government.
The commission has already completed work on updating a voters’list; approximately 12.3 million voters are eligible.
Persons who completed 18 years of age 15 July are eligible to vote in the 19 November second assembly elections.
Parties mainly from terai have sought extending the deadline.
Nepal Sadbhavana Party Chairperson  Sarita Giri even called for i
updating a list until a fortnight before the vote.
TMLP Mahanta Thakur said he couldn’t register for the because of personal preoccupation while NC President Sushil Koirala flew bach from USA
where he was on medical consultation to register for the vote.

:reopening extending

Kathmandu, 3 Aug.: Capital’ temperature on a rainy Saturday morning is
19 degrees Celsius.
Temperature is expected to rise to 24 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.


Kathmandu, 3 Aug.: Nepali officials have showed willingness to resume bi-lateral trade talk with India which has been stalled for the last couple of years.
They expressed readiness to hold trade talks during an informal meeting with Arvind Mehta, joint secretary at the Commerce Ministry of India, who was in Nepal earlier this week to attend a program organized to discuss Nepal-India economic
Issuesm Republica reports..

“Mehta also said India is ready for the talks which are supposed to thrash out pending trade issues,” a high-level source at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MoCS) told Republica on Friday.

Even though both the countries have lot of issues on bi-lateral trade and transit, Inter-governmental Committee (IGC) - a secretary level meeting and Inter-governmental Sub-committee (IGSC) - a joint-secretary level meeting have not been held more than two and half years and one and half years, respectively.

Letter of Exchanges (LoEs) on new railway agreements, including operationalizing Rohanpur-Sighabad rail route between Nepal and Bangladesh via India, expanding rail service to additional Nepali border points through different ports of India, bringing Phulabari-Banglabanda route into full-fledged operation, and operationalizing Vishakhapatnam port for Nepal´s third country trade are among the major issues that need to be resolved.

Nepali officials also raised the issue of six percent Countervailing Duty (CVD) being imposed on Nepali garment products by India, restriction on export of goods to third countries from Nepal, and mandatory provision for Nepali auto importers to transport four-wheelers imported from third countries by containers or rail wagons before Mehta.

“We have requested Mehta to take initiative for removing CVD, allowing exports of third country goods via India and transporting imported four-wheelers on-their own-power (by driving) from the Kolkata port to Nepal,” said the source.

Agendas exchanged for Nepal-China trade talks

Meanwhile, officials of Nepal and China have exchanged the agenda for 4th Nepal-China-Tibet Trade Facilitation Committee (NTTFC) meeting slated to be held on August 11-12 in Kathmandu.
The third meeting of NTTFC was held in Lhasa of Tibet on July 4 and 5 last year.

“We have exchanged the agenda which includes measures to support bi-lateral trade and to resolve trade-related problems between the two neighbors,” the source said.
A seven-member Chinese delegation led by Li Jie, deputy director general at the Office of the Government of Tibet Autonomous Region of China is coming to Nepal for the joint-secretary level talks.

Source said the discussions will focus on addressing around a half dozen pending issues including quarantines and problems in cross border movement of goods as well as vehicles.

In the upcoming meeting, Nepali officials are requesting the Chinese official for support of the northern neighbor in development of crucial trade infrastructures.
“We will seek Chinese support to build Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) in Rasuwagadi and improving Kathmandu-Tatopani road,” said the source.
Harmonization of time between customs offices of two countries, opening up branch offices of Chinese banks in Nepal, and simplification of quarantine process for Nepali goods are also among the topics proposed for the discussions.

Amid soaring trade deficit with China, Nepali officials will also discuss measures to facilitate exports of Nepali goods to the northern neighbor.
According to Trade and Export Promotion Center (TEPC), Nepal´s exports to China increased by 137 percent while imports increased by around 29 percent during the first eleven months of the fiscal year 2012/13 compared to the amount recorded during the same period of the previous fiscal year. Nepal´s trade deficit with the Asia´s largest economy reached more than Rs 61 billion during the review period.

Nepal had suffered trade deficit of around Rs 46 billion with the second largest trade partner in the same period last year.


Kathmandu, 3 Aug.: After doctors at Ramlal Golchha Eye Hospital in Biratnagar removed his one eye in a cataract surgery on June 23, the eye socket of Bhawani Prasad Dahal, 83, of Sundarpur- 8 in the district has swollen and he has been complaining of constant pain, headache and nausea, Amar Khadka writes in Republica from Duilaro Morang..

As pain continued and became almost unbearable, his family members on Friday carried out his Baitarani (pre-death rites) at his request.

"Every time I went to the hospital for follow-up examination after the surgery, the doctors assured me that I will be okay. But the pain is killing me and I have given up hope of living," said Dahal.

His son, Kirtan informed that the family conducted the pre-death rites as per the desire of his father.

Dahal had been to a free eye camp organized by the Eye Hospital at Sundarpur VDC with his younger son Bhim as he had blurred vision in one of his eyes. But instead of getting cured, he lost an eye following the cataract surgery.

During the free eye camp in the village, as many as 48 locals from Sundarpur and Dulari VDCs were referred to Ramlal Golchha Eye Hospital for cataract surgery.

On June 23, in the course of surgery, doctors removed one eyeball each of three patients -- Bhawani Prasad Dahal, Tika Devi Poudel and Mugalal Chaudhary -- due to infection, according to the doctors.

After her condition worsened, Tika Devi, 72, was rushed to Tilganga Eye Hospital in Kathmandu for her eye treatment following the cataract surgery. "After her eyes were plucked out, the eye socket has swollen," informed Anil to this correspondent from Kathmandu on the phone.

Since then, the patients are complaining of acute headache and nausea. Of the total patients operated for cataract, seven patients have completely lost their eyesight.

Mugalal Chaudhary, Thotren Chaudhari, Ratna Devi Chaudhary and Fagu Chaudhary, among others completely lost their eyesights after the surgery.


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