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Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Kathmandu, 7 Aug.: Maoist Chairman Prachanda is in Pokhara after
expressing pessimism over 18 demands presented by 33 parties to the
HLPM behind the government Tuesday.
UML’s  Ragjuji Pant sai although 33 parties were in the opposition
alliance of 33 parties, 55 persons presented themselves at talks between
the opposition and the mechanism of four parties behind the government.
Pant also was pessimistic on meeting opposition demands.
Substantive talks on elections will have to await Prachanda’s return tot
the capital.

Kathmandu, 7 Aug.: Around one million chickens may have to be culled if bird flu outbreak is to be brought completely under control in Bhaktapur. According to Bhaktapur Poultry Farmers’ Association, 342 farms in the district have 1,123,090 fowls but the government rapid response teams have culled only 133,047 chickens from 23 farms
till this evening, Ishwarkaji Khaliju writes in The Himalayan Times from Bhaktapur. .

After bird flu was confirmed in three more farms, around 23,000 fowls and chicks were destroyed today, according to Bhaktapur District Livestock Office. Tulsiram Dhukhwa of BPFA said it was impossible to control bird flu outbreak unless chickens in all the farms in the district were culled. According to Dhukhwa, still more than one million fowls from more than 300 poultry farms needed to be culled. “If the government does not destroy all the chickens immediately, the disease will kill the poultry industry not only in Bhaktapur but also in Kathmandu,” Dhukhwa said.

Khagendra Raj Bhatta of Bhaktapur District Livestock Office, however, said, “Bird flu is under control.” But poulterers accused the government of not providing them with accurate information about the farms where bird flu was yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the government today took a decision that all municipal offices of the Valley backed by veterinary experts will carry out regular monitoring of chicken shops and cold stores. The government has asked the concerned authorities to keep bird flu area under surveillance, manage dead fowls and conduct on-site inspection of all poultry farms.

Bird flu in Nawalparasi

Bird flu was confirmed at Nawalparasi’s Prasauni after the samples of dead fowls sent from Lila Mahat’s house seven days ago tested positive for the bird flu. According to Nawalparasi District Livestock Office, the samples were sent for laboratory tests after the local chickens started dying at Mahat’s house. As many as 140 fowls had died at Mahat’s house. The livestock office on Tuesday culled around 400 chickens and ducks in the village. Meanwhile, Ramechhap District Livestock Office on Tuesday imposed a ban on the import of chickens and poultry products.


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