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Friday, August 23, 2013


Kathmandu, 23 Nov. The depreciation of the Nepali against the US dollar
which gained against the Indian curreccy Thursday continued.
The Nepali legal tender was devalued to maintain a cross exchange rate
with the Indian ruppe against which the exchange rate of  the Nepali rupee
is fixed.
Neplai rupee is floated against convertible currencies.
The rupee posted a Rs 2.03 per dollar fall.
Kathmandu, 23 Aug.:: Amidst mounting election fever, political parties have begun selecting and recommending candidates for the CA poll scheduled for November 19. UCPN(Maoist) in Sindhupalchowk, on Thursday recommended 15 different names as candidates for three election constituencies. Dhruba Dangal writes in
Republica from Sindhupalchowk..

According to the party, the candidates were chosen in alphabetical order and they represent Dalits, Janajatis and women as well. Among those recommended, five are from the Janajati communities, four are Dalits and three are women. Candidates recommenced from constituency no. 1 are Raj Kumar Shrestha, Saral Sahayatri, Lal Kanchha Tamang, Amrita Nepal and Sahadev Khati. Shrestha was elected to the previous CA also and Sahayatri is in charge of the party in the region and a former PLA commander.

Candidates recommended from constituency no. 2 are former lawmaker elected from the same constituency Agni Prasad Sapkota, who is now party spokesperson, Dhurba Parajuli, Madhav Sapkota, Aman Singh Tamang and Bimala BK.

Among them, Parajuli is a central committee member, Sapkota was a former PLA commissar, and Tamang is deputy in-charge of the party in the district.
Similarly, Chandra Bahadur Thapa Magar, Bidur Rayamajhi, Rohini BK, Shree Lama and Laxmi Dhimal have been recommended as candidates from constituency no. 3.

This area has been impacted by the party division. Former lawmaker Dawa Tamang, who defeated then RPP President Pashupati Shumsher JBR, is currently in the Baidya-led CPN-Maoist.

According to Maoist leader Madhav Sapkota, the party was able to recommend names for candidates following a month-long election campaign in the district. He said that the names will be formally presented at the upcoming CC meeting of the party and a candidate chosen from the five for direct representation. "The rest of them will be participating in elections under the proportional representation system.”

Among other parties, the RPP and Rastriya Janamorcha have also announced some candidate names. RPP has announced a single candidate from each constituency whereas Janamorcha has recommended six names.

Among the RPP candidates are Dharma Raj Bhandari from constituency no.1, Bishnu Bikram Thapa from no. 2 and Pashupati Shumsher JBR from 3. Rana was candidate from constituencies 1 and 3 in the past.

Likewise, Janamorcha has recommended the names of Krishna Subedi, Laxman Upreti and Bhagwati Paudel from constituency no. 1, Nirmal Dangal and Jeet Bahadur Yangjo from 2 and Mangal Singh Tamang from 3.

Other major political parties such as the CPN(UML) and Nepali Congress (NC) have also been mulling names for the upcoming CA election. “Once the party circular is received, we will recommend the names without delay," said CPN(UML) District President Jhamak Nepal.

According to NC District Secretary Krishna Neupane, they are to receive names from all the constituencies within a week and forward them to the party central committee.
Kathmandu, 23 Aug.: To stem the possibility of water-borne diseases, Pokhara Sub-metropolitan Office (PSMO) has decided not to prohibit the hotel entrepreneurs to pump the water from Fewa Lake, Santosh Pokhrel writes in Republica from Pokhara..

Of late a lot of hotels and restaurants operators in the tourist town are pumping the water from the scenic lake, which is polluted to a certain extent, for laundry and other cleaning purposes. Moreover, such pipelines could tangle and capsize the boats that ferry tourists and locals alike.

According to a PSMO spokesperson, Ananta Prasad Koirala, the sub-metropolitan office has asked the hotel entrepreneurs to stop pumping water from the lake by the next three days.

Over a hundred hotels and restaurants in the vicinity of the lake directly supply water from the lake. While many hotel entrepreneurs directly supply the lake water to their hotels and restaurants, using machine pumps, some hotel operators have even laid underground pipelines.

“It has been found that the polluted water of the lake is being used for various purposes in the hotels. It can have adverse effects upon the health of the public as well as the tourists,” Koirala said.

“Thought the hotel operators claim that they purify the water before using it, our health experts have found that the lake water is not eligible for daily use purpose,” he further said, adding that waste materials from drainages, canals in Pokhara have seeped into the lake.

Apart from this, the locals are further polluting the lake by bathing, washing clothes, swimming and cleaning their domestic animals.

If the hotel operators do not take out their water pipes and pump sets within the next three days, the PSMO will confiscate the materials and take action as per Local Self Governance Act -2055 B.S., informed Koirala.

The act stipulates a fine up to Rs. 15,000. On the other hand, the hotel entrepreneurs complain that they were compelled to pump water from the lake as the water cooperation in Pokhara does not supply water sufficiently.



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