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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Generals ask Koirala not to quit

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 April: Seventeen generals of Nepal Army gave their concerned personal assessment that the just concluded election was rigged Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at a special secret hour-long meeting during new year’s day reception, Bishnumani Bhattarai reports in Janaastha.
They asked him to relinquish the leadership of the country.
The meeting was conducted at a special hall at army headquarters.
Chief of the Army Gen Rukmangud Katawal was silent.
Before the meeting began, Koirala asked for suggestions.
A source at the meeting said the prime minister indicated he could lead the government.
“OK. I’m ready to sacrifice for the country by remaining in office,” Koirala said.

Indian embassy calls Nepal meeting in Patna

Kathmandu, 23 April: To review its Nepal policy after Maoists were elected in assembly elections India is organizing a two-day Nepal seminar from Friday 25 April in Patna where Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee will be the chief guest, Janaasthta reports.
Shyam Saran Mukherjee and Lok Raj Baral are presenting working papers.
Indian embassy is paying travel and other expenses of participants who are also journalists and SD Muni.
The seminar is being held after Maoist victory in elections.

Mukherjee gets a mouthful

Kathmandu, 23 April: Indian ambassador Shib Shankar Mukherjee got a mouthful from a Congress leader in Queen’s English at a new year’s day reception at Army Headquarters. Janaanstha.
“During your tenure your assistance was remarkable. Hope you succeed in making extreme communists successful in your country like in Nepal,” the politician said.
Mukherjee walked away.

Folk singer Krishna Bikram Thapa dead

Kathmandu, 23 April: Popular folk singer Krishna Bikram Thapa, 65, died Wednesday morning.
He sang such popular songs like ‘Sihdhuli gadi ghumera herda’.
He is survived by a wife, four sons and one daughter.


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