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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PM Prachanda returns from China later Wednesday

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda returns home from China later Wednesday after attending the spectacular closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
He also held discussions on bilateral issues with President Hu Jintao on his first foreign visit after assuming office.
India has objected the visit.
Prachanda arrived in Bangkok Tuesday en route home.
Prachanda will have begin homework on bringing CPN-UML into government soon after return.
CPN-UML stayed away from the government last week demanding second rank in government for former deputy prime minister Bamdeb Gautam, the leader of the CPN-UML team in government.
“Overall, the visit has been a complete success.
“.. it is our understanding that whatever the political meetings were held after that [participation in closing ceremony], they were also very successful,” RSS quoted saying.
The prime minister said a Chinese team is visiting Nepal soon to prepare visits of either President Hu or Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and added,” After that there is the possibility of the Chinese Prime Minister and, if possible, the President visiting Nepal.”
“Chinese interests in Nepal has qualitatively increased after the incident that occurred in Tibet sometime back and Nepal has to be utilized well by Nepal from the perspective of economic development and promoting our national interests.
“If Nepal utilizes this opportunity well, I think, not only a new history would be created, but a race for economic revolution will start in Nepal.”

Work on saving two Kosi spurs to begin Wednesday

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Work to save spurs 11 and 12 along Kosi river embankment will begin Wednesday on a war-footing to save adjoining areas from further flood damage, Sunsari CDO Durga Bhandari told Radio Nepal Wednesday.
A top government team led by ministers RamBahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, Bijaya Kumar Gachadhar, chiefs of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force and top officials, who arrived in Sunsari Tuesday will direct the effort to save spurs which are being eroded.
Rising river level following incessant rain in the eastern hill region is causing concern.
Thousands of Indian flood victims from across the Bihar who have crossed into Nepal are being looked after by the local administration on ‘ humanitarian ground’, he told state radio.
Bhandari said victims in 24 relief camps, kept mainly at schools, are being shifted so re-open schools soonest.
Meanwhile, Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Nepal’s retired surveyor, repeated charges over Radio Nepal of two Nepali water resources experts India neglected maintenance of the Kosi barrage and adjoining facilities- a 199-year responsibility under treaty, to prioritize construction of the Kosi high dam in the upper hill region.
Shrestha said Nepal should permit construction of the high dam only after a national understanding with parties as it will inundate inner valleys and farmland again displacing thousands of people.
An emergency disaster relief committee meeting Tuesday formed a disaster coordinating committee under chairmanship of home ministry joint secretary Pratap Kumar Pathak.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh discusses Nepal in New Delhi; dissatisfied with Prachanda’s China visit

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has discussed Nepal, including China visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and CPN-UML decision to stay from government, Gopal Khanal reports in Kantipur from New Delhi.
Singh held discussions with Janata Dal (United) Chairman Sharad Yadav, National Congress Party Chairman and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and General Secretary DP Tripathi.
Singh expressed dissatisfaction with the China visit.
Leaders said after the meetings a special discussion on Nepal will be held soon, according to Tripathi.
“Nepal-India relations won’t be affected just because of the China visit,” he added.
Sharad Yadav reported to Singh on his recent Nepal visit to attend the installation of Premier Prachanda.
Yadav, quoting Singh, said the China visit ‘was a mistake’.
“Not only Singh, the entire Indian government isn’t happy,” a source said.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav is likely to visit India before the prime minister.
India will take up the China visit with Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav when he arrives in New Delhi Thursday to attend a meeting of foreign ministers of BIMSTEK.

Bhutanese refugee camp bombed

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: A Bhutanese refugee camp at Sanischare in Morang was bombed by an unidentified group Monday, RSS reports.
Police said a gang of four persons bombed the camp without causing damage.
Police suspect the hand of groups against third country resettlement of refugees in the explosion, RSS said.

UN demands release of Maoist child soldiers

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Radhika Coomaraswamy, UN Secretary-General’s Special representative for Children and Armed Conflict, in a statement called for the release of nearly 3,000 child soldiers from Maoist cantonments.
They’re still there after the end of the conflict.
“… although many children have been released informally, there has been no progress in securing their formal discharge.
“.., promise of peace has not come to fruition for these children, whose lives have been adversely affected by the conflict.”
She called for ‘recovery and reintegration of the children’ into society.

New ADB chief for Nepal

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Barry James Hitchkok has been appointed new resident representative for Nepal, published reports said.

Defence minister speaks out against army chief

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal” Tuesday spoke out against Army Chief Rukmangud Katawal in Itahari, The Rising Nepal reports.
Stating the army chief ‘was giving contradictory expressions time and again’ the state-owned newspaper Wednesday quoted Badal as saying,” A state employee cannot speak like that.”
While inspecting flood-hit areas, Badal also said PLA would be integrated into the government security bodies within three to six months.
Nepal Army has opposed integration when Girija Prasad Koirala was prime minister.
But the peace process now is under the control of Maoists who have taken charge of the defence and peace and reconstruction ministries.

Special court clears 16 of corruption charges

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Special court, in one year, has cleared 16 persons of corruption charges leveled by CIAA, Naya Patrika reports.
They were cleared on technicalities.
Among those cleared are Gokarna Paudel, former personal secretary of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, former joint secretary Sabitri Rajbhandari, under-secretary Nagendra Prasad Ghimere and top officials Murari Bahadur Karki, Sriram Panta and Prem Bahadur Subedi.
Former lawmaker Chakrabandhu Aryal, Guru Prasad Dhakal and Dr Laxmi Raj Pathak were also cleared.

Indian security personnel abduct six Nepalis from Nepali territory

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Indian border security BSS abducted six Nepalis from Nepali territory and abducted them to India from Susta Monday.
They were abducted from a boat on Narayani river and released Monday night after four hours.
Nepali police went into India to secure their release.
MUnna Khan of Save Susta Campaign jumped into the river and fled.
Nepalis were mistreated by Indian security personnel across the border.
Indian security personnel fired in the air while overpowering the Nepalis.

Former Kantipur owner registers two newspapers

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: The New Republic Media has been registered by Binod Geywali who is its chairman, Janaastha reports.
Geywali split with Kantipur Publications two weeks ago.
Two newspapers, New Nepal in Nepali language and New Republic in English, were registered with Lalitpur district administration Tuesday.
Narayan Wagle and Ameet Dhakal will be editors of the newspapers respectively; they will be published after Dasain/Tihar.

Youngest daughter of former Crown Prince Paras to be admitted to Lincoln School

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Kritika, youngest daughter of former Crown Prince Paras and Crown Princess Himani, is being admitted to Lincoln School in Rabi Bhawan, Janaastha reports.
Elder daughter son and daughter have been admitted to a school in Singapore.


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