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Friday, September 26, 2008

Rs 100m Chinese military assistance

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: China will provide Nepal Rs 100 million in economic assistance, RSS reports
Nepali embassy in Beijing stated that Chinese Defence Minister Liang Guanglie made the announcement in a meeting with Nepali Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa
The assistance will be spent in military purpose.
The minister also met Vice Chairman of the Central MilitaryCommission Guo Boxiong, the Chinese armed folrces highest body.
Minister Thapa is in China to observe the ‘Warrior 2008’ military exercise at the Chinese Defense Ministry’s invitation.

Jhakri to lead CPN-UML body

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Ram Kumari Jhakri has been elected president of the ANNFSU becoming the first woman to lead the student body affiliated with the CPN-UML.
Jhakri defeated her only rival Gokul Gharti by 527 votes in elections held in Pokhara Friday.

Tarai rebel killed

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Khaheru Dewan, area in-charge of JTMM Jwala Singh was shot dead in Rautahat Friday.
Police said he was killed in a security operation carried out by state forces.

PM Prachanda sells Nepal change at UN

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda Thursday sold political transformation in Nepal in April 2006 while addressing the UN general assembly in New York.
“I intend to lead them [Nepalis] with conviction and sincerity towards a new journey of sustainable peace and equitable progress in a modern Nepal,” he said.
The peace process, he said, “can also serve as a reference model for peace elsewhere’.
He espoused the case of the LDCs. We want full implementation of the respective global compacts, the Brussels Programme of Action and the Almaty Programme of Action for the Landlocked Developing countries,” he said.
He said LDCs should have duty-free and quota-free access for all goods in world trade.
Prachanda invited foreign investment in hydro power sector and added,” I strongly appeal to the international community to extend all necessary support and cooperation to protect and promote its [Nepal’s pristine environment,” saying climate change was threatening life support systems in Nepal.
The address was routine.
Dahal said UN should ‘reform and democratize itself to take on the numerous challenges in international peace and security effectively’.

Koirala warning to Maoists

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27Sept: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala warned Thursday he won’t tolerate what he called a Maoist conspiracy to scuttle democracy.
“I am serious at Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s statement several days ago<’Koirala told a public meeting in the capital referring to Dahal’s criticism of the parliamentary system.
“Maoists are attempting to scuttle democracy. I’ll stop them. I challenge them,” Koirala said.
Koirala challenged Prachanda to act against parliamentary system.
“What do they mean when they say parliamentary system is unpopular in the world?” Koirala said and askedCongres loyalists to rise up against Maoists.
The former prime minister also opposed integration between Nepal Army and PLA being pushed by Maoists.poke
“How did the prime minister buy a bed worth Rs 200,000 when he calls himself a representative of the proletariate?” Koirala asked.

CA chairman directs home minister to give statement

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: CA Chairman Subash Nemwang Friday directed Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam to give a statement on entry of armed Maoists as security guards in the assembly.
He said CA is a “weapons free area”.
Members of ruling parties and Nepali Congress Friday disturbed CA proceedings objecting to the entryof armed Maoists in the assembly.
Former Minister Girija Prasad Koirala Friday asked UNMIN to investigate the entry of Maoists with weapons in the assembly.
“They (Maoists) have entered the assembly with weapons to weaken democracy. The weapons have UN tags. UN should monitor them,” Koirala said.
Maoist leader Barsha Man Pun ‘ Ananta’ admitted the entry of Maoists with weapons in the assembly.
“I entered the assembly with PLA after the previous government sanctioned armed guards for 35 central leaders, including Prachanda,” Pun said.


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