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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tihar begins

Kathmandu, 26 Oct: Tihar festival began Sunday with the worship of the crow.
Bhai tika is on Thursday.

Swiss consulate general reopens

Kathmandu, 26 Oct: The Swiss consulate general has reopened to begin consular services without visa service, an announcement said.
Visas will be issued by the embassy in New Delhi.

Has more details of Koirala outrage against Maoists

Kathmandu, 26 Oct: Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala said he has ‘forgotten’ Prachanda as he forgot the king while declaring a jihad against Maoists in his hometown Saturday.
“To talk of Prachandapath as an alternative to democracy and a people’s republic as parliamentary system has failed are indications of fuedalism;” the Nepali Congress president said using the discarded word.prajatantra instead of the now adopted Indian word loktantra.
Koirala charged Maoists were even conspiring to appoint nominees of the people’s court to district and supreme court.
‘This is against loktanrta,” he added.
Previously critical of Nepal Army, Koirala heaped praises on the state army where Maoists can’t be integrated, he said.
He also asked UNMIN to seize weapons from Maoists with UN tags authorized by his government after former rebel guards entered the CA with them.
Even as his unelected government took decisions of far-reaching consequences, Koirala said,” This is an interim government and can’t take big decisions.”
The Prachanda government is elected.
“Don’t dream of becoming another king just as one has been toppled,” Koirala advised Prachanda.
“How can other agreements be implemented when the main agreement has been violated,” the party president asked before thousands of listeners.
After taking credit for bringing Maoists into the political mainstream with Indian assistance, Koirala now said he will fight until his death for parliamentary democracy, human rights, free press and individual freedom.
“I waged a lifelong battle for this; I’m still waging a battle and won’t comprise with anybody.”
Koirala added: “They are feudals even as they accuse others.”
“I have come here to blow the bugle against the formula that they have broken—the formula that brought them [Maoists] so far,” the aging Congress leader said. ‘Congress has he responsibility to complete it. It will do it.”
Koirala revealed UN won’t accept former Maoist combatants in UN peacekeeping operations even if they are integrated in Nepal Army.
“Therefore, there can’t be integration even as the UN wants it.”
“UN has already said the PLA combatants can’t be chosen for peacekeeping force even if they are integrated into Nepal Army.”
The former prime minister said,” I’ve come here to remind Prachanda; if he’s intelligent let him work intelligently.”
‘At one time I was close with the king; such relationship existed with Maoists; this relationship won’t remain from now on.
“To forget Prachanda is no big deal when I even forgot the king,” the former prime minister said.

Absconding rhino tusk smuggler WWF employee

Kathmandu, 26 Oct: An absconding rhino tusk smuggler is an employee of WWF according to Bardiya National Park administration, Naya Patrika reports.
But WWF has denied the involvement of Yagya Raj Yogi.

PM gets a personal secretary

Kathmandu, 26 Oct: A personal government secretary has been appointed by the cabinet Saturday for Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda.
Home ministry joint secretary Pratap Kumar Pathak was promoted before the appointment.


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