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Monday, October 27, 2008

Trisuli-3A to constructed by NEA

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is constructing the 61MW Trisuli-3A with a $120 million loan from a Chinese bank, Nepal Samacharpatra reports.
An international construction tender is being called after tihar.
A 4km tunnel has to be constructed after building a diversion for the river.

Maoist and Madesh rebels to benefit

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: Maoist and tarai rebels will be beneficiaries when government withdraws what has been described as 349 political cases against them.
Government took a decision Monday night to withdraw the cases.
Prime Minister Prachanda, Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Communication Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara will be among the beneficiaries.

Girija threatens to walk an independent path; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: Accusing Prime Minister Prachanda and Maoists of abandoning consensus politics, Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala threatened to walk a different path.
The immediate effect of the threat in the worsening of national political scenario that could trigger a direct clash between Congress and CPN (Maoist) and delay the constitution drafting process.
Koirala said he won’t plot the downfall of the government but won’t join a Maoist-led government either.
‘He has committed a grave mistake by breaking the unity of understanding, cooperation. This was a basic factor. This was a driving force- this nationalism force,” Koirala said.
“I’ll not compromise with anybody on issues. I have emotional relation with him [Prachanda],” the angry party president said.
‘He has adopted a wrong path. I’m disheartened by this. He has set aside nationalist forces; we arrived here of that basis.”
‘When major subjects have failed, what right does he have to say that lesser issues should be implemented,” Koirala replied when asked on the issue integration of two armies.
‘Importance shouldn’t be given to minor matters when basic foundation has been broken. Prachanda has forgotten the basics of understanding. Either he has to recollect; if not, I’ll go my own way and he’ll take his own path. He has forgotten nationalist forces.”
Koirala charged Prachanda now follows foreigners.
“The very powers sent emissaries to meet us yesterday, why does Prachanda today personally go to them,” Koirala asked.

Meeting of army integration again put off

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: A cabinet meeting of proposed integration of Nepal Army and Maoist PLA was again put off Tuesday even without discussion.
The meeting was put off the second time in 12 hours.
A similar meeting was abandoned Monday evening after a hardened attitude of Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala who said even the word integration shouldn't be uttered..
Koirala instead suggested ‘management’ of former rebel combatants in other security agencies.

First mass promotions in army after Maoist come to power

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: Cabinet has approved the first mass transfer and promotions in Nepal Army after coming to state power nearly three months ago.
One brigadier has been promoted to major general, four colonels have been promoted brigadiers and four have been appointed colonels.
Dambar Singh Gurung has been promoted maj gen and Himalayan Thapa, Rajendra Karki, Hamenta Kunwar and Arjun Basnet have been promoted brigadiers.


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