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Monday, November 24, 2008

Prachanda govt completes 100 days

Kathmandu, 25 Nov: A Maoist government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda completed 100 days Tuesday amid mixed reaction.
Nepali Congress President and Prachanda’s predecessor Girija Prasad Koirala was reluctant to handover power to CPN (Maoist) that emerged as the largest political party following the 10 April assembly poll .
“King Gyanendra left Narayanhiti willingly; but Koirala was reticent,” observed CPN-UML leader Hiranya lal Shrestha.
Koirala, installed to power in April 2004 through street protests and international conspiracy.
With his lust for power, Koirala wasn’t willing to handover power to communists fearing Maoists will gain a permanent foothold on Singha Durbar.
Koirala handed over power to an elected government led by Maoists only after amending the interim constitution incorporating a provision to topple a government a government with a simple majority vote in the CA.
With the installation of Prachanda, Nepal had an elected government in nearly seven years.
Sher Bahadur Deuba couldn’t hold stipulated parliamentary elections six months after dissolving parliament throwing the county into deep political crisis ultimately leading to direct rule imposed by King Gyanendra in February 2004.
“People feel the government is working for the people’s interest zero tolerance to violence,” Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdeb Bautam told Annapurna Post blowing his own trumpet.

But the claim, critics say, is superficial, as the law and order situation in the terai deteriorates; Maoists have been charged for three abductions and murders from the capital itself.
Gautam hasn’t booked he culprits as yet as opposition has charged government for protecting suspects on the murders.
On the economic front, inflation has spiraled to 14 percent even with promises of good governance and effort to contain price rise to single digit growth.
Work on drafting a constitution to be completed in the next 18 month has just begun amid doubts are being expressed whether it will be completed within the remiaremaining 18-month deadline.
‘Govenremnt has attempted to do something,because of hundreds of bad deeds, anything positive ios negligible,” Congress spokesman Arjun Narsingh said.
Uncertain prevails over the future of democracy with two
factions in Maoists saying their ultimate objective is to take Nepaltowards a people’s republic.
Main opposition nepali Congress has already started a jihad to stop Maoiosts from achieving thatobjective.

Election for CA vice-chairman Friday

Kathmandu, 25 Nov: Main Opposition Nepali Congress and RTerai Madesh Loktanric Partyb (TMLP) said they will contest elections for the vice-chairman of constituent assembly (CA0 scheduled for Friday.
CA set 11 to 4 as time to come up with a consensus candidate after the constitututionencouraged consensus politics in running the administration.
But with differences surfacing after the 10 Apil elections consensus politics oesn’t exist.
Congress central leader Laxman Ghimere said his party willcontest the seat.
TMLP has formed a five-member committee jheaded by Hridesh tripahi to garner support for its candidate yet to be announced, like the Nepaliu Congress.
TMLP claimed the positiono arguing the posts of president, vice-president,prime minister and CA chairman have been shared by nepaliCongresss, MJF, CPN (Maoist) and CPN-UML respectively.


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