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Monday, December 29, 2008

Congress decides to seek support against Maoists (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Main opposition Nepali Congress decided Tuesday morning to seek support of other 23 parties, including two main coalition partners of Maoists, around its nine-point demand.
A meeting of party central leaders chaired by party President Girija Prasad Koirala came to the decision Tuesday, according to party Chief Whip Laxman Ghimere.
The party decided to seek the support of coalition ruling parties CPN-UML and Forum as well for the nine-point demand that includes dissolution of YCL and return of seized assets by Maoists.
The meeting decided to continue its boycotts of CA sessions as well.
The decision is important because it now confirms Congress will be satisfied only with the ouster of Maoists from government.

CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) starts

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: A meeting of national workers of CPN(Unity Center/Mashal) started in the capital Tuesday.
The meeting is expected to approve a decision of the central committees of the two parties to merge with CPN (Maoist).

Stone hurled at PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Prime Minister Prachanda escaped unhurt when students hurled a stone at him in Kirtipur Monday.
Prachanda has gone there to attend a function at Tribhuvan University whose annually assembly met after three years.
An escort vehicle was managed.

Preparations to declare industrial emergency as well

By Shiba Dubadi in Rajdhani

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Government has started work to declare an industrial emergency as well; a power emergency has already been declared.
Industry Minister Astha Laxmi Sakya gave this indication to a FNCCI delegation Monday.
“Government is considering demands of professionals seriously,” a delegation member told Rajdhani after the meeting. ”But adequate homework is necessary for this.”

Maoists boycott Japanese emperor’s birthday celebrations

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Maoists boycotted the 75th birthday celebrations of Japanese Emperor Akahito organized by the Japanese embassy, Dhristi reports.
Prime Minister Prachanda and more than a dozen Maoist leaders had been invited at the function.
The Maoist absence created a stir at the reception.
PM Prachanda had confirmed his participation and security was tight at the reception.
Maoists had earlier boycotted the birthday celebrations of the Thai king as well.

UNMIN Chief Ian Martin being recalled

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: The job of UNMIN Chief Ian Martin is at stake, Dhristi reports quoting unnamed high political sources.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who faced opposition against Martin during a Nepal visit, is recalling him.
The responsibility is being given to Carine Langrine.
Sources said Martin most recently opposed Nepal Army recruitment to fill vacancies to fill vacancies.

File before council of ministers
TIA security being handed over to Indians?

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai and his wife Tourism Minister Hishila Yami are preparing to handover the country’s sovereignty to India, Dhristi reports.
Dr Bhattarai has already given Indian vehicles facilities like in Sikkim.
Yami has decided to handover responsibilities of security at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to India; the decision will be a big setback for a sovereign country like Nepal.
Following the Mumbai terrorist attack, Indians are pressing Nepal to handover responsibilities of security at the airport to India. Passengers already had to be screened at the airport before flying to India.
The decision of the tourism ministry has to be okayed by the ministries of home and defence.
The secret file for handing over security is at the office of the council of ministers.
The file was to be presented at a meeting of the council of ministers last Thursday; it wasn’t presented because of the absence of tourism minister Yami.
Other political parties in government have maintained a surprising silence on such a serious issue.


“It’s not that easy to weaken us. Those who tried to split us before out national conference have realized we are different and far-sighted.”

(PM Prachanda, Janadisha, 30 Dec.)

“The Maoists must respect the people’s power [by handing over weapons to government] rather then threaten them with guns, bullets and armies.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, The Rising Nepal, 30 Dec.)


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