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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maoist, CPN-UML understanding

Kathmandu, 27 Dec: CPN (Maoist) and CPN-UML reached an understanding at a summit of the two parties Saturday to return seized assets and vacate government facilities occupied by Maoists, UML leader Surendra Pandey said.
Maoists agreed to vacate occupied government facilities within three days at Balaju Industrial Estate and Trolley Bus, Pandey said.
Maoists have agreed to return seized assets beginning with captured property of UML workers, he said.
Talks will continue Sunday on appointments to commissions and other vacate government positions.
The six-hour meeting was held after a UML central committee agreed to continue in the Maoist-led coalition amid dep differences on government functioning.

Open split in MJF

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Dec: A split in the ruling MJP surfaced openly in the biggest terai party Saturday.
Co-coordinator and Agriculture Minister Jayaprakash Prasad Gupta and
Transport Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar inaugurated and attended a Morang district committee Saturday as a rival group led by Coordinator and Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav opposed the meeting.
The Yadav group called a Morang strike to disrupt the meeting which was held two months ago, according to the Yadav group.
Gupta and Gachedhar charged there was no inner-party democracy.
A rival district meeting was held Saturday amid earlier rumours Gupta and Gacheddhar had resigned from government.

June mills to close down Sunday

Kathmandu, 27 Dec: Workers will force the closure of nine jute mills in Morang and Sunsari from Sunday, they said.
Workers are demanding increased pay commensurate with increased salaries of government workers.

More details on Kathmandu airport blast

Kathmandu, 27 Dec: Two suspects of a bomb blast at Tribhuvan International Airport, the country’s only international airport, were arrested Saturday immediately after the minor explosion.
They are of terai descent.
A woman injured in the explosion at the main entrance of the airport has returned home after medical treatment at a hospital in the capital.
A bomb was hurled by two persons who came in a van, eyewitnesses said.
A group that claimed responsibility also issued anti-Maoist slogans.


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