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Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Maoist threat to take to the streets

By Bhola B Rana

Another top Maoist leader has threatened to capture government through revolt if the six-month Maoist-led government is toppled.
The threat came as 18 parties, two defectors from the coalition government, called on PM Prachanda to call parliament into session; Maoists are in a minority in the 601-member parliament.
“Government is walking a straight path through the people’s mandate. If obstacles are placed, there will be no alternative but to capture power,” hard-line secretariat member Netra Bikram Chand Bipbal threatened in Surkhet Friday.
“We are preparing for it,” he revealed.
Party Spokesman CP Gajurel also asked the party Friday to quit government and impose a people’s government through street protests instead of facing daily criticism by continuing in government.
The Maoist threats come amid rejection of a parliamentary system of government by the party leadership.
Meanwhile, Main opposition Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala warned,” The drafting of the constitution won’t be completed within the deadline without cooperation, understanding and unity. But Maoists haven’t understood this.
‘I’ve reminded Prachanda many time of this. I haven’t succeeded,” he revealed at a programme in the capital Friday.
The constitution has to be drafted my May 2010.

UN office bombed in Nepalgunj

Kathmandu, 14 Feb: The regional office of the UN Office of Human Rights was bombed overnight in Nepalgunj.
There were no casualties in the socket bomb attack
Pamphlets of Bishan Himal Bagh were recovered claming responsibility for the blast.

No military rule in the country: Army Chief

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 14 Feb: Gen. Rukmangud Katawal aggressively asked a parliamentary committee Saturday not to draw Nepal into a controversy amid threats from Maoist Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa to said his for defying an order to stop 2,800 vacancies to fill in vacancies.
The chief of the army was in an aggressive mood at the committee to Protest national Interest headed by Unified CPN (Maoist) lawmaker Amik Serchan; Defence Minister Thapa didn’t appear before the committee.
He asked the committee not to draw army into controversy.
“If the national army is dragged into controversy, nobody, including the country and government, will benefit. Nepal Army has taken oath to the flag, not to a family or a party,” he said.
He refused to answer questions on recruitment saying the issue was an ‘internal matter’.
The army chief told committee members: ”There’s no military rule in the country; that can’t even be conceived. We’ve obeyed government orders.
‘There are political changes everywhere. We are working with the change. Army everywhere helps the political process.”
He denied there was discrimination in army recruitment.
“Can you give me any instance of discrimination? There are minimum standards for recruitment through competition,” the general said amid a government decision to give employment in state security agencies to ethnic groups.
Katawal appeared before the committee in civil dress.
The grilling lasted two hour long.

CPN-UML to have 1,802 delegates

Kathmandu, 14 Feb: Altogether 1,802 delegated in participate in the Butwal general convention that begins Monday.
The names were endorsed by the last central committee before the convention Friday.
The committee nominated 86 members Friday.
The convention is electing a new party leadership.
Talk of government change is rife after the convention.
CPN-UML leadership is pushing for government change under its leadership.


“There are many experts within the country to help draft the constitution. The constitution will be drafted with the suggestions of CA members. However, foreigners could also send their experiences and suggestions in the course of drafting the constitution.”

(CA Chairman Subash Nemwang, The Himalayan Times, 14 Feb.)

“The directives of the supreme court has put hurdles for implementation of a peace agreement to give stability to the country by managing the conflict.”

(Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam, Annapurna Post, 14 Feb.)

“The prime minister is power crazed…Maoists have failed to embrace democracy after all.”

(Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Paudel, The Kathmand Post, 14 Feb.”


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