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Monday, February 16, 2009

Chinese ambassador says Nepal capable of supporting China to stop infiltration into Tibet from Nepal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 15 Feb: China’s Ambassador to Nepal Qui Guohong said Monday Nepal is ‘capable of supporting China’ to prevent what he called “Tibet independence forces’ from infiltrating and sabotaging China through Nepal on the south of Tibet.
“The government of Nepal of is capable of supporting China and adopting effective measures to stop Tibet independence forces to conduct infiltration and sabotage to China by using the land of Nepal,” he told The Rising Nepal in an exclusive interview.
He called for ‘further communication and cooperation to effectively fight criminal activities, particularly the trans-border crimes” and called for treaties between Nepal and China for judicial cooperation
to fight cross-border crimes.
Ambassador Qui said this as a 19-member delegation is in Nepal to discuss security along the 1,414 km Nepal-Tibet frontier along the Himalaya that boasts of the world’s tallest peak, including Mount Everest.
Nepal and China share Everest.
Qui called for direct communication channels ‘for information sharing’ to control cross-border crimes.
“This kind of cooperation is now underway because there is China’s Tibet policing affairs delegation in Nepal at the moment,” he said.
The ambassador recalled Nepal took ‘very severe measures to ensure” the smooth operation of September 2008 Beijing Olympics and ‘stopped those Tibet independence separatist activities to intrude and storm in the Chinese embassy and stopping their attempts to march into Chinese territory through Nepal”.
Nepal deployed the army to stop Free Tibet demonstrations at Mount Everest, yet an Australian climber succeeded in hoisting a Free Tibet flag on the summit.
“A stable, developing and friendly Nepal is very important to the security of China’s southern part, particularly the stability and security of Tibet Autonomous Region,” the envoy said.
Qiu suggested talks between China, India and Nepal to develop river systems for development.
“We have already initiated or are trying to push for cooperation among China, Nepal and India for water resource utilization,” he said.
Bhramaputra and Mekong rivers originate in Tibet.
The ambassador, without mentioning India, called on Nepal to end what he called ‘discriminatory’ practices.
“Some other countries enjoy some favourable treatments, not China.”
He added “..I hope the government of Nepal could eliminate differences and create good conditions for Chinese enterprises.”
Indian goods have preferential access to land-locked Nepal; in 1989 the Rajiv Gandhi government slapped a crippling economic blockade
Nepal has denied such access to Indian exports after Nepal imported Chinese weapons for Royal Nepal Army, including anti-aircraft guns.


“”.. neither his [Baburam Bhattarai’s] counterpart, the Japanese finance minister, not the foreign minister met him during his recent his stay in Tokyo. So much so that even Japan-Nepal parliamentary group chose to ignore him. Such an embarrassing embarrassment has never occurred to any high level political dignitary from Nepal.”

(KK Joshi, The Kathmandu Post, 15 Feb.)

‘At this crucial time when students are zeroing in on the nearing SLC exams, we shouldn’t disturb children’s psychology.”

(N-POBSON-President Gita Rana on government threat to debar students of schools not paying taxes from appearing in SLC exams, The Kathmandu Post, 15 Feb.)


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