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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maoists shut down terai; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 11 June: Maoists Thursday shut down terai districts demanding what they call unconstitutional presidential action asking sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal to continue in office.
The shutdown had disrupted life in the south.
The crisis led to the ouster and fall of the nine-month Maoist-led government of Prachanda instead.
Maoists charged foreigners for colluding with parties to usher in military supremacy.
Maoists have been holding daily regional protests demanding supremacy of civilian authority.
Maoists have been disrupting parliament sessions since six weeks as well.
The effort of the newly installed government of Madhav Kumar Nepal to end the winter session and to prepare for the budget session has been stalled.
CPN-UML is attempting to address and prioritize the Maoist demand to address civilian supremacy through inter and intra-party consultations.
Top lawyers Wednesday advised PM Nepal to rescind a decision of the ousted Maoist government to sack Gen Katawal.
Maoists have been demanding implementation of decisions of their government as a pre-condition for the smooth running of parliament.
CPN-UML and Maoists chief points Thursday morning began discussions of
on a CPN-UML proposal to end the a political impasse before parliament is scheduled to later.

Nepali Congress parliamentary party elections

Kathmandu, 11 June: The delayed election of the leader of the Nepali Congress parliamentary party will now be held 14 June.
The election hasn’t been conducted even 14 months after the April 2008 parliamentary and constitutional assembly elections.
Party President Girija Prasad Koirala is officiating as leader of the parliamentary party as well.
Elections will be held for 18 positions, including deputy leader and one member each from five development regions.
Koirala had been pushing for nominations to most of the positions by the president.

CPN-UML central committee scheduled to appoint department chiefs

Kathmandu, 11 June: Central committee of the CPN-UML, which is leading a new coalition government, is scheduled to appoint 17 departmental and zonal chiefs Thursday.
Responsibilities will be shared by 116 committee members four months after the party’s Butwal general convention elected a new leadership electing Chairman Jhalanaath Khanal.
Consensus is being sought in the appointments.
Khanal and KP Sharma Oli are pushing their candidates.
Twenty-nione departments were reducted to 17 Wednessday.


“Our movement has ended. We have now got equal treatment and same status of British counterparts.”

(Chairman of Gurkha Ex-Servicemen Organization Padam Bahadur Gurung, Kantipur, 11 June)

“Relevance of 12-point agreement between seven parties and Maoists has ended. Now there should be a new agreement.”

(RPP Chairman Pashupati SJB Rana, Annapurna Post, 11 June)

“Government has prioritized the holding of elections with the drafting of the constitution in time. The press that played an important role in the democratic movement should help remove hurdles.”

(PM Madhav Kumar Nepal, Naya Patrika, 11 June)

“Both Girija and Madhav Kumar Nepal are Indian agents; you tell me who split the Forum?”

(MJF Chairman Upendra Yadav, Naya Patrika, 11 June)

“I would like to clarify that the government has confirmed that this [extension of term by three months when three-year extension was sought] is an interim measure, which will allow it to hold further consultations before it decides on the request for a longer renewal of the agreement.”

(OHCHR-Nepal Representative Richard Bennet, The Kathmandu Post, 11 June)



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