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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nepali Congress has problem in internal democracy

Kathmandu, 14 June: Nepali Congress has a “problem of internal democracy” and needs to reform itself as it moves into the future, party leader Ram Sharan Mahat said at an interaction program on June 11 with the Washington Nepal Forum in Washington, D.C, a report received from the US capital said..

The stakes, he said, have never been higher. The old ways that served the party well as it championed the cause of democracy for decades no longer function as effectively in today’s tempestuous Nepal, Mahat said.

The five-time finance minister decried the violence and economic paralysis of recent ethnic agitation, which he said is handicapping the nation as it attempts to forge a sustainable democracy.

The Nepali people want peace, democracy and economic prosperity, but are getting only slogans, broken promises and more violence. Mahat called on the Maoists to commit to peace “in action, not just in words” and challenged the Maoist leadership to make public their internal resolutions.

He spoke at the Washington Nepal Forum, a nonpartisan organization that provides a space and platform for conversation on contemporary issues related to Nepal. It was held at the United States Institute for Peace and moderated by forum founder Homraj Acharya.

Sood calls for exchange and signing of border strip maps
Kathmandu, 14 June: Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood said Sunday strip maps signed by experts of the two countries in December 2007 are signed 98 percent of the boundary between Nepal and India will be resolved.
But the maps are yet to signed and approved by governments of the two countries.
He said India has asked Nepal government to formalize the sighing and exchange of the pampas, an interview published in The Kathmandu Post Sunday.
He demanded old border pillars be removed.
“There is some degree of confusion as old border pillars have not yet been removed,” he said.
When the maps are signed and exchanged,” The rest concerning Kalapani and Susta can be taken up at the political level.”
Sood reiterated there was no intrusion along the border in Dang despite findings to the contrary by two parliamentary teams after on-the –spot investigations.


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