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Monday, August 24, 2009

China asks Nepal to watch activities of exiled Tibetans

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: China has asked Nepal to be alert and act against activities of supporters of Free Tibet movement as they are hiding in Nepal along the border with Tibet which they are entering, Nagarik reports.
According to home ministry source, China has passed on secret information to Nepal Tibetan Youth Congress based in and around Dharmashala in India is preparing to launch an armed movement inside Tibet through Nepal.
Trained fighters of Tibetan Youth Congress are preparing to enter Nepal in guise of monks and settle down in districts along Tibet border to finally enter Tibet.
China claims they are being trained by USA, Europe and India and have been sent to Nepal with small arms to infiltrate Tibet.
China is concerned Eurocopter entered Nepal without Nepal government permission and dropped weapons; China has asked Nepal to be alert weapons may be dropped again by Eurocopter.
China claims supporters of Free Tibet are sheltering in dozens of Buddhist monasteries in Nepal’s districts ordering Tibet.
China is pressurizing Nepal to deploy Armed Police Force along the border with Tibet and homework has already started for deployment.
Official talks were held last week between Nepali and Tibetan officials in Lhasa.
Chinese officials have intensified their visits to Nepal after the recent activities.
China has also opened Chinese language institutes and business centers in the capital and other areas manning them with Chinese to watch the activities of Tibetans.


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