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Sunday, August 30, 2009

PM inaugurates climate change conference

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Monday launched a two-day regional climate change conference in the capital preparing a common South Asian agenda for the 15th Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen in December.
The conference is discussing risks caused by global warming in the Himalaya-- challenges and opportunities.
Impact indigenous peoples will be discussed.
Seven SAARC nations, besides Bhutan, and Kirzigistan are attending.
Ministers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka and Kirzigistan are attending.
Nepal’s agenda for the Copenhagen will be discussed from Wednesday.

Maoist warn India destabilizing Nepal will engulf it

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Maoist woman leader Hishila Yami Monday warned India destabilizing Nepal could have a spillover effect on it.
“..insecurity in Nepal us hazardous for India” she said.
“Today, with rapid globalization an class, ethnic and regional issues being raised in Nepal, an all-out was embracing all these three issues will engulf India first before engulfing the rest of Asia if the peace process were to fail,” she warned in an article in The Kathmandu Post.
India Maoists also called Naxals, will be ‘more than happy to create a conducive environment for revolution in the region”.
India is backing Nepal army, she said.
“One wonders why India is seen backing military supremacy in Nepal.
UNMIN charges for not being neutral as others charge for being pro- Maoist.
Yami made the charge after revelation Indian embassy was against integration of PLA leaders and units and sub-units in Nepal Army (NA).
The embassy pushed resettlement not integration, instead, in productive non-arms bearing
“The hardcore within the NA has a consistent aversion to democratizing the NA and integrating PLA into the NA. In relation to UNMIN, it is interesting to note that it pretended to cooperate with it while privately sowing doubts about its neutrality.”
The wife of Dr Baburam Bhattarai accused India for ‘hobnobbing’ with NA and UNMIN while saying,” ..the US was seen to be privately much more critical of the NA’s political involvement.”
She observed in an article entitled ‘Peace in pieces?” ‘Nepali Congress is going out of its way to push for a strong NA….”
‘India’s knee-jerk reaction to the electoral win of the Maoists has caused it to cling to the NA as the last bastion against Maoist influence.
‘Today, they seem to be recreating the same dual authority [twin system of constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy] –between the president and the prime minister to check and balance each other in its favour.
“…’the COAS affair [retention of sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal by the president] has given India a greater opportunity to make in-roads into the NA that before.”


“I think controversy often surrounds me because I am the daughter of Girijababu. Whatever the case, the fact is that controversy follows those who work hard. Nobody takes interest in a vegetable-like person.”

(Sujata Koirala, The Kathmandu Post, 31 Aug.)


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