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Saturday, August 29, 2009

VP Jha asked to re-take oath in Nepali

Kathmandud, 30 Aug: A 20-minute cabinet meeting Sunday morning asked Vice-president to retake his oath of office in Nepali from President Dr Ram Baran Yadav by four in the afternoon.
A supreme court special bench said the vice-president will cease to hold office if he doesn’t take at oath by Sunday.
Jha has refused to execute the order so far.
He is holding a news conference later Sunday to make public his position.
Madeshi students forced the closure of terai districts demonstrating solidarity with Jha Sunday.
Jha’s stance has raised a language issue.
Ajya Kumar Rai of Kirat Workers ‘was arrested in Itahari Sunday following a bomb blast near Jha’s home and the discovery of a hidden bomb nearby.
The party has claimed responsibility for the blast.
Four suspects were earlier arrested in the capital.

Main constitution drafting committee meets

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: The main constitution drafting committee met under chairman Nilambar Acharya Sunday and discussed past work and future schedule.
Acharya defeated his only Maoist rival Narayan Kazi Shrestha in the election.
The committee is meeting after three months.

Japan, western countries call for inquiry commission

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Japan and embassies of several western countries in Nepal demanded to commission with legislation meeting international standards to inquire on disappearances.
The western countries are: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, UK and USA.
International Committee for Red Cross puts the disappearances at 1,348 during the 10-year people’s war for which Maoists and state and agencies were involved.
“Those cadre [of Maoists] against whom there are charges of involvement in disappearances should be made available to the authorities,’ a joint statement on the eve of day on disappearances said.
Most have been pardoned by previous government and by Maoists.
The embassies also asked government to show accountability by allowing application of rule of law to Nepal Army and other state personnel involved in disappearances.

Pakistani national held

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Pakistani national Abdul Gafar was held at TIA Saturday with Rs 2.4 million in illegal Indian currency notes.
He arrived on a flight from Doha.


“It would me a batter of laugh to say that the new statute can be drafted bypassing the largest party.”

(CPN-UML leader Bamdeb Gautam,The Kathmandu Post, 30 Aug.)


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