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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nepali Congress parliamentary party meeting

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Nepali Congress parliamentary party is meeting Tuesday to hear Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala’s explanation.
She has been asked to explain why she suddenly dropped out from Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s entourage visiting India at the last minute
The daughter of party President Girija Prasad Koirala feigned sickness—an explanation rejected by majority members of the parliamentary party.
She ignored the first summon last week.
The father has come to the daughter’s rescue by asking the party to take up more important issues.
Supply Minister Rajendra Mahoto alleged she attempted to sabotage the signing of a bilateral trade agreement initialed by officials during the just concluded Nepal visit.
The agreement has to be formalized by commerce ministers.

Floods, landslides claim 68 lives

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Natural disasters, including floods and landslides this year, have so far claimed 68 lives and displaced 4,000 persons, home ministry officials.
Twenty-three persons are missing.
Ten have been killed in the worst affected Siraha district.


President receives PAN card

Kathmandu, 25Aug: Finance Minister Surendra Pandey Monday issued a permanent account number (PAN) card issued by the Inland Revenue department (IRN) to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.
The Madhav Kumar Nepal government launched a scheme to distribute cards to taxpayers to taxpayers and bring more people into the tax net.
“We have issued a PAN card to the president to show that no one is beyond the tax met,” Minister Pandey said.

Labour attaches to be appointed in embassies

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: The government is all set to dispatch labour attaches to major foreign employment destinations—Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UAE and Qatar- within a month, the Kathmandu Post reports.
According to the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Binod Khanal, Surya Bhandari, Parbati Aryal and Dhruba Koirala have been appointed labour attaches in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UAE and Qatar respectively.


“Girija Babu! Don’t throw away the basket [from the chiff with PM Nepal]. It’s will be required tomorrow to throw you off the cliff as well.”

(Sher Bahadur Deuba telling Girija in presence of Sushil Koirala and Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, cartoon in Annapurna Post, 25 Aug.)

“’There’s only one state army in the country. Parties cannot maintain an army. Anybody else maintaining an army will be booked according to law.”

(Home Ministsr Bhim Rawal, Annapurna Post, 25 Aug.)_

‘It’s [movement of armed Maoist] combatants] a serious violation of the comprehensive peace agreement.”

(UNMIN Representative Claudia Feola, The Himalayan Times, 25 Aug.)

“Instead of conceding is mistake, the agency [WFP] has shown its audacity by warning it will halt its operations [food distribution has already been suspended in Jajarkot creating shortage]. This is not acceptable.”

(INSEC Chairman Subodh Pyakhurel, The Kathmandu Post, 25 Aug.)


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