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Monday, August 24, 2009

Woman shot, injured in Kupandole

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Amid increasing violence in the capital, a woman was shot and injured overnight at Kupandole.
Neighbours rushed Sadjana Bishurala,42, to hospital when she was shot and injured while returning home in the evening.

Nepali peacekeeper killed in Lebanon

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: A Nepali peacekeeper with UNIFIL was killed in Lebanon Sunday when a pick-up overturned in Lebanon, agencies reported.
Three others were injured.


“Indian officials said the peace process has been derailed because of Maoists; they told me go ahead and we’ll provide you weapons to take care of them. They’ve been inciting not only me other political party leaders as well. I don’t the reaction of others, but I didn’t accept their proposal.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Rajdhani, 25 Aug.)


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