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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vice-president calling for review

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Vice-president Parmananda Jha is asking the supreme court Friday to review its two orders asking him to re-rate his oath of office in Nepali, his legal advisor Mithilesh Prasad Singh said.
Singh said the orders were defective and said the president should be allowed to take an oath in his mother tongue.
Hindi is not the mother tongue of people of terai origin.
The apex ruled Jha’s oath one year ago in Hindi was unconstitutional as Nepali was the country’s official language.
Terai parties have advised Jha not to take an oath in Nepali.

Election delayed

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: In a last-minute effort to again field a consensus candidate, the election Friday for the chairmanship of the constitutional council has been delayed.
The election that was to begin at eight in the morning hadn’t started three hours later.

Nepal stops export of monkeys

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: The export of nearly 300monkeys to the USA has been stopped, Kantipur reports.
Prabesh Man Singh has been raising monkeys at Lele, Lalitpur, for nearly four years.
Forest ministry has ordered their immediate release in the forest.
Shrestha has demanded Rs 40 million in compensation before release.


Nepal to participate in Tibet trade fair

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Nepal will participate in an international five-day trade fair beginning in Sigatse, Tibet, from 3 September.
China is providing Nepal free 60 of 160 stalls at the fair.
The fair is held one every two years alternately in Nepal and Tibet.


“South Africa style integration [of Maoists in state army is not acceptable to Nepal Army. Because rebels were integrated, the image of South Africa internationally has deteriorated.”

(Brig Gen Pawan Jung Pandey, Rajdhani, 28 Aug.)

“Prolonged discussions can be held at the central committee on any issue. Action will be taken against any leader who expresses opinions anarchically outside the committee.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Kantipur, 28 Aug.)


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