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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unprecedented currency note crisis

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Customers were turned back from banks Thursday in the midst of dasain because of billions of rupees shortage in currency notes as they couldn’t withdraw their deposits.
Clients withdrawing money were told by guards even before reaching the teller only limited could be withdrawn.
This is the first case of money shortage reported in the country at the height of the festive season.
Nepal Bashtra Bank has flooded the market with billions of withdrawn faulty printed notes and even illegally released Indian currency to meet shortage.
Indian currency is banned to prevent dual deal in currencies of India and Nepal.
There’s an estimated three billion rupees shortage of currency notes in the market at the time when the government boasts of giving the country a good and efficient government which has even resorted to illegal means to meet shortage.
A former central bank governor charged Thursday for
illegally forcing Nepal Rashtra Bank to circulate Indian currency to meet shortage.

Another swine flu case reported

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Another swine flu case was reported by health ministry Thursday.
The disease of pandemic proportion was brought into the county from Saudi Arabia by a Nepali worker.
Total cases reported have now risen to 36 without fatalities.
Interestingly, most cases have been brought to Nepal by Nepalis from the middle east where Muslims who don’t eat pork.


‘Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala will not see it any other way until she gets her due. And it no longer seems the deputy premiership. Her quest began the moment she proclaimed within the earshot of Queen Aishwarya at a Foreign Ministry reception in 1992 how a new empress was about to be crowned.”

(Maila Barje, People’s Review, 24 Sept.)


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