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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chatt festival ends

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Chatt festival ended Sunday morning with the worship of the rising sun.
In the capital, the festival of the terai community was celebrated at Ranipokhari where President Dr Ram Baran Baran Yadav also offered worship.

Nepal’s Maoists ‘possibly’ helping Indian Naxalites: Indian Home Minister P Chidambaran

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaran said Nepal’s Maoists are ‘possibly’ helping Indian Maoists called Naxalites.
“We know now that the weapons are coming through Bangladesh and Myanmar and possibly Nepal. The Indo-Nepal border is very porous,”
PTI quoted the minister as saying.
“There is no evidence of any money flowing in from abroad to the Maoists, But there is certainly evidence of weapons being smuggled from abroad through Myanmar or Bangladesh, which reached the Maoists,” Chidambaran said.
The Indian minister didn’t bracket Nepal with Bangladesh and Myanmar.
Chidambaran made the comment even as it brokered the comprehensive peace treaty in New Delhi with Nepal’s Maoists and seven political parties.
But New Delhi refuses to negotiate with Naxalites even as senior officials admit the insurgency is India’s biggest internal political problem.
“In terms of the threat to security from internal sources, Naxalism remains the biggest threat,” PTI quoted the minister as saying.
“Asked if Naxalites were being supported from abroad, Chidambaran said,” I don’t know. It is possible that they get some intellectual support. I hear voices of some human rights groups from abroad. This is the intellectual support I am referring to.”

CPN-UNL Chairman Jhalanath Khanal is also visiting India

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Amid Maoist threat to launch a popular movement from 1 November if their demands to correct what they call unconstitutional presidential action isn’t met, CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal is also flying to New Delhi for political discussions with Indian leaders.
Surya Bahadur Thapa and Sher Bahadur Deuba returned after holding discussions with ruling party and opposition, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
After India’s interventionist role in Nepal’s internal politics, Nepali leaders have no qualms in discussing Nepal with foreigners, particularly Indians, at home and abroad.
CPN-UML standing committee Saturday approved the week-long visit in invitation of the Indian government from 3 November.
Thapa said on his return home from New Delhi, India wants continuity in government.

Representatives of UN security council members urge completion of UNMIN work by 23 January 2010

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Ambassadors of six members of the UN security council Friday welcomed progress made in preparing for the discharge of disqualified Maoist army personnel, including minors, and urged immediate follow-up action, the British embassy said.
Nepal is being discussed by the council in New York 6 November.
“They also welcomed the reformation, and resumption of work, of the Special and Technical Committees,” the embassy added.
The ambassadors reiterated the deep concern of the security council while calling for the creation of conditions ‘for the completion of the outstanding aspects of UNMIN’s mandate by 23 January 2010.
Ambassadors called for renewed and sustained efforts to create a unified approach among political parties in the spirit of the peace agreements.
The diplomats asked the Government of Nepal to publish the action plan it offered to the council at the last UNMIN renewal and begin the process of discharge, integration and rehabilitation of Maoist army personnel.
Ambassadors and Charges d’Affaires of China, France, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States Friday visited a cantonment and Nepal Army weapons storage site in the capital.
This is the first collective visit by Security Council Ambassadors to a Maoist cantonment and the Nepal Army weapons storage site reflecting the concern of the security council members to urge progress on the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and subsequent agreements, the British embassy said.
It also underlines the desire of the Security Council to see the completion of UNMIN’s mandate by the end of the current mandate on 23 January 2010, the embassy added.

Three parties attempt to break deadlock

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Maoists and CPN-UML leaders Sunday morning again held discuss a to draft common parliamentary resolution before the extended Maoist deadline to meet their demands by 1 November.
Maoist vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhatarai and CPN-UML leader Yubaraj Geywali are leading the respective teams.
The two parties will hold discussions with Nepali Congress later Sunday in another attempt to end a five-month deadlock.
Maoist are demanding parliament must discuss in some form what they call the unconstitutional action by a ceremonial president to retain sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal.
Ruling parties have been rejecting the Maoist demand.

Prachanda, Karen Landgrin meet

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Chairman Prachanda and UNMIN Chief Karen Landgrin Sunday discussed the delayed peace process and other issues before UN security council discusses Nepal New York 6 November,
She also hold discussions with CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal later Sunday.
She already held discussions with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal last weeks.
Landgren flies for New York Monday,

MJF threatens movement from 1 November

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: MJF Chairman Upendra Yadav Sunday threatened to launch a three-day movement from 1 November if terai demands aren’t met.
He said the form nature of movement is being discussed.
Yadav threatened the movement will be more intense if demands aren’t considered by 3 November,

Jhalanath Khanal entrusted responsibility

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: CPN-UNL standing committee meeting Saturday entrusted responsibility to Chairman Jhalanath Khanal to unite party rank and file after parallel committees surfaced in districts, including Kathmandu, amid deep differences amongst top leaders.
“Chairman Khanal has been entrusted responsibility to unite two parallel committees in Kathmandu district by 30 October,” Secretary Shanker Pokhrel said after the meet.
Parallel committees will hold tea receptions to forge unity as well.
Leaders are divided on how to handle Maoists with KP Sharma Oli leading a anti-Maoist camp in the party,
Oli Saturday held a dinner reception at his home to prevent a division in the party; Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal nd Chairman Khanal were present.

India accepts Rukma Shumshere Rana’s appointment

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: India has accepted the appointment of Rukma Shumshere Rana as Nepal’s ambassador to New Delhi.
Rana is son of Subarna Shumshere Rana.
India approved the agreemo Friday, the foreign ministry said.
The post was vacant for nine months after the Prachanda government recalled Durgesh Man Singh.

Congress discussing statute

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: The Nepali Congress committee Sunday is discussing sweeping measures to curtail the unlimited powers of the party president.
The discussions are being held as ailing President Girija Prasad Koirala ,who has ruled the party with an iron grip, is under heavy fire from central leaders for taking personal decisions without consulting the central committee and parliamentary party.
More than one dozen amendment proposals have been presented to a stature prepared by Krishna Prasad Shitaula, a staunch Koirala loyalist.
Younger leaders are pushing for internal democracy in the party and collective leadership.
The new statute is being presented to the November party general congress for approval.
Girija has come under intense criticism for recommending to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal the promotion of daughter Sujata to deputy prime minister.

Nepal-Tibet meet in Mustang

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Local officials from Mustang and across Tibet are meeting Wednesday in Jomsom to discuss cross-border issues.
The prime minister visited the district across the Himalaya as government prepares to deploy Armed Police Force along the Nepal-Tibet border at China’s request.
Beijing is worried with activities of Tibetan exiles from Nepal and is urging watch and curbs.

President concerned with political deadlock

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Saturday discussed Maoist censure motion, the obstruction of parliamentary proceedings and the budget with some lawyers Saturday, Annapurna Post reports.
One lawyer said the president took interest on the repercussions of a discussion in parliament on a censure motion against the president to end a political deadlock.
The president discussed the impact if the constitution isn’t drafted within the 28 May 2010 deadline at a time when the vice-president is inactive.
Lawyers suggested the president can’t stop the government from introducing the budget through ordinance when the parliament proceedings are disrupted.

Two alternatives against Girija being discussed

Kathmandu, 25 Oct: Senior Congress leaders have agreed at a tea meeting on two alternatives to counter party President Girija Prasad Koirala’s decision to promote daughter Sujata to deputy prime minister without institutional party decision, Rajdhani reports.
Vice –chairman Ram Chandra Paudel took initiative at the home of Purusottan Bassnet, an invited member of the central committee.
Girija will either be warned or his decision should be taken back.
Some suggested the president should agree in the future to consul or seek approval for an institutional decision.


“”Why are you honking? Don’t you have any work?”

(Girija Prasad Koirala tells constitution drafting committee chairman Nilambar Acharya who is at the wheels of a parked empty bus moving for the 28 May 2010 deadline to draft the constitution; Girija, Prachanda and PM Nepal are playing cards by the roadside, Kantipur cartoon, 25 Oct.)

“But conspiracies are being hatched to prevent the country from embracing ethnicity-based provinces.”

(Chairman Prachanda, The Kathmandu Post, 25 Oct.)


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