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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

13 student unions submit memorandum to PM Nepal

Kathmandu, 26 Nov: Thirteen student university unions Thursday submitted a memorandum Madhav Kumar Nepal demanding the prime minister intervene to stop a tenfold increase in fees at Tribhuvan University, Nepal’ s oldest.
Management says the first increase in several decades is necessary to raise education quality.
Fees, the university says, are comparatively low.
Students have threatened to gherao campuses for one day later Thursday to press demands.
The university failed in the past as well to increase fees amid student opposition.

Nepali politics discussed at Indian’s house in Singapore

Kathmandu, 26 Nov: High profile Indian Prof S D Muni has advised Maoist and Nepali Congress to unite and India can’t do anything, Janaastha reports.
This advise was given over cocktail dinner at his house to Prachanda and Girija’s nephew Dr Shekhar Koirala.
Prachanda dashed to Singapore for a half-hour meeting with ailing Girija Prasad Koirala at a Singapore hospital.
“You only criticize India, he told Chairman Prachanda. “New Delhi has charged me for being Maoist.” What are you doing? If you unite, New Delhi can’t do anything. India won’t get space to play if you unite. Unite. There’s no reason to fear New Delhi.”
After returning from Singapore, Prachanda said this government will fall following Muni’s advice.
‘In the past, you made a mistake by not putting my uncle [Girija] in the right place [president],” Shekhar told Prachanda at that meeting with Muni who attempted to please Maoists.
According to a source, Muni said,” This is an unnatural government. Noe a national government must be formed.”


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