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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maoists demand resignation of Bidya Bhandari

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan.: Maoists Wednesday demanded the resignation of Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari one day after she said she won’t implement a decision of a special committee headed by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal should it decide to integrate former rebel combatants in Nepal Army.
Maoists, in a statement, said her opposition was a ‘counterrevolutionary conspiracy’ against ‘the spirit of the comprehensive peace treaty’.
She said this during the visit of Indian Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor who also objected to mass integration of Maoists in Nepal Army.
Maoists also charged government isn’t committed to the peace agreement.
Maoists in the evening burnt effigies of Bhandari in the capital.
Bhandari has been taking a consistent position against the integration of Maoists in the state army.

Child shot dead

Kathmandu, 20 Jan.: Santosh Karki, 8, was shot dead by a gang in Bhaktapur Wednesday over a dispute and five others were injured,
They were abducted by a gang and shot.
Two motorcyclists have been arrested.
Irate Bhaktapur locals torched two motorcycles.

Leprosy eradicated from Nepal

Kathmandu, 20 Jan.: Leprosy has been eradicated from Nepal after smallpox.
Health Minister Umakanta Chaudhary made the announcement
The announcement was supported by WHO.
“There should be continuous monitoring of the achievement,” said
Dr Alexander Abdjapardize, WHO Nepal representative.

Maoists forming shadow government

Kathmandu, 20 Jan.: Maoists are forming a shadow government for check and balance, Janaastha reports.
A meeting of Maoists Tuesday took such a decision.

Roundtable conference

Kathmandu, 20 Jan.: Revolutionary Communist Party is holding a
roundtable conference within a week of powers outside the CA, Ghatana ra Bichar reports.
The party has concluded a constitution won’t be promulgated within the 28 May deadline.
The conference will include representatives of political groups of the East and terai.
The conference will prepare an agenda for an outlet.
This was disclosed by Chairman Mani Thapa.


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