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Monday, January 25, 2010

Only 475Maoists discharged from Ilam

Kathmandu, 25Jan.: Only 475 of 800 plus disqualified Maoists were discharged from a camp in Ilam Monday.
They were from the first division.
Nearly half of the disqualified had gone missing from camps and cantonments in Sindhuli, Chitwan and Nawalparasi as well.

Three foreigners, including two women, arrested for drugs trafficking, pedaling

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: Three foreigners, including two women, were arrested in the capital Sunday by drugs enforcement officials for trafficking 688 grams of heron.
Zambians Ani Nondo, Hiback Wanja and Filipino Mary Ann Omaldo Figrus were arrested.
Police said the trio brought the heroin from Pakistan.

Major helicopter accident averted

Kathmandu, 25 Jan.: A helicopter of Simrik Airways brushed against the electricity transmission line over the Indrawati River of local Shipaghat near the border on Sindhupalchowk district today [Sundayt] leaving the high tension power-line dangling in the river, RSS repors from Melamchi.
Sparks emanated from the wire the moment the chopper BK 17.9 NAEL touched it and the transformer fuse went off, said eyewitness Murari Prasad Sapkota.


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