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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summit of PM, Girija and Jhalanath Khanal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Jan.: One day after Maoists agreed to include Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in a high-level political mechanism (HLPM), the government chief held discussions Saturday morning with NC President Girija Prasad Koirala and UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal.
Khanal and Koirala briefed Nepal on the mechanism’s Friday meeting; Khanal, Koirala and Chairman Prachanda are members of the body.
Prachanda wassn’t present at Saturday’s meet.
Nepal asked Koirala and Khanal to include other parties represented in parliament in the HLPM; their exclusion, he argued, would create mistruct.
Koirala and Khanal pressed for Nepal’s inclusion as a permanent invited member even as Chairman Prachanda insisted the premier should be invited to discuss only specific issues.
At a meeting of the HLPM Friday, Maoists announced withdrawal of an indefinite nation-wide anti-government and anti-president strike from Sunday pushing for what they call ‘restoration of civilian authority/
Maoists said they withdrew the strike because the end of the current
stalemate was the mechanism’s agenda.
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Rukmangud Katawal talks of his tussle with Maoists

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Jan.: Former Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal said Maoists attempted to factionalize and destroy Nepal Army when he was chief.
Katawal survived a Maoist attempt to sack or even entice him to accept an ambassadorship.
This came to light in an interview with BBC Nepali service whose transcripts were published in vernacular daily newspapers Saturday.
PM Prachanda was forced to quit but the army chief continued in the intense struggle.
Maoists charge foreigners for the Maoist government’s ouster after only nine months in office.
“This situation might not have arisen if they [Maoists] had acted like a minister and prime minister of Nepal and Nepalis and if they had considered the army as their own, the nation’s and Nepal’s.
“First, there was the question of retirement in Nepal Army after 30-year service. I wrote an explanation where matters relating to recruitment, general and sports weren’t legal and impractical,” Katawal said.
He said Maoists used a general to factionalize and destroy the state
‘It’s been seen the effort was made by using a person. It could have happened had there been the ability and power. I feel General Kul Bahadur Khadka realized the mistake that when the effort didn’t materialize. Certainly an effort was made to use him. The purpose wasto factionalize Nepal Army and destroy it.”
During the Katawal,Prachanda tussle, the army chief reveled he went to the president at night asking not to politicize Nepal Army.
He said he complained Maoist action wasn’t legal, incorrect,
and not based on consensus and consultation.
“Nepal Army took a stand for a democratic system not seen anywhere in the world’s history,” the tough speaking retired army chief said.
He charged Maoists for working in collision with foreigners.
‘Everyone knows a foreign ambassador was called three times to sack a nation’s official. Everyone is also aware eight foreigners were called and told this person should be removed. Everyone also knows the prime minister said he couldn’t meet a foreign secretary,’ Katawal said as he gave a background to his tussle with Maoists.
“Let’s go to the background. It started the day [tussle] Maoist leaders appeared in public at the official residence of the prime minister amid allegations against Nepal Army like being a feudal, murderers and rapists. From Tundikhel it was asked: Who’s the army chief?”
“Is there any doubt?” Katawal said in response to a question whether the attack against the state army was pre-planned.
He defended the president’s decision to retain him as army chief after dismissal by the Prachanda government.
‘The president himself didn’t act. It was based agreement and
understanding of all. There was an attempt to drag the army into
politics. The president acted after political parties said peace will
be derailed” the former army chief said.
“Problem stared with orders that didn’t tally with law began pouring in.”
he revealed.“ During his [Prachanda’s] rule, we talked of democratic system and rule of law. We differed on them.”
Katawal added:” There will be no difficulty for Nepal Army to carry out government orders. But it should conform to law.”
“Nepal Army is committed to peace. Is there any doubt? By retaining weapons, Maoists can’t say they want peace. Maoists haven’t surrendered weapons which they said they would do in six months.
‘Why are they holding the weapons? On its strengthen, citizens
are being terrorized. You’ve repeatedly heard of capture of state power whether in the Shaktikhor videotape or the Khanna garment tape,” Katawal said explaining why he doesn’t trust Maoists.
“The mission then to Nepal Army was to bring Maoists to talks. They couldn’t crate a state within a state and they couldn’t defeat the army
and they came to the negotiating table. The world knows this. The
army then succeeded in its mission.
Katawal said he was offered an ambassadorial appointment which he rejected to quit as chief.
“Until the last day of retirement, I said I want to work as an effective army chief.”

Armed Indian police sent back

Kathmandu, 23 Jan.: Nepal Police escorted back within 24 hours
Armed Indian police who entered Nepal, Naya Paartika reports
from Mahendranagar.
They were escorted back Friday on order of the home ministry.
Armed Indian police entered Nepal Thursday to arrest a Nepali from
The drunk police entered Nepal at eight at night to arrest Jaya Bahadur Khadka.

Three foreign ministry officials also involved in passport racketeering

Kathmandu, 23 Jan.: Non-gazetted foreign ministry official Bachuram,KC has revealed three superiors were also involved in selling forged passports to five Afghans, Rajdhani reports.
KC, who is in police detention, has revealed the forged passports arrived at his desk from a deputy secretary and two department chiefs whose names weren’t known.


“Why disband it? This is our political organization. We won’t
disband our outfit. If other parties should disband their fraternal organizations, we may consider.”

(YCL In-charge Kul Prasad KC, Janadisha, 23 Jan.)


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