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Friday, March 26, 2010

China ready to boost military cooperation

Kathmandu, 26 March: Chinese Defence Minister Liang Guanglie told her Nepali counter Bidya Bhandari in Beijing Thursday Beijing attached great importance to its military ties with Nepal and was ready to boost military cooperation, Xinhua reports.
Liang said China was ready boost personnel exchange and cooperation to for security and stability of the two countries and the region at large.

Further Maoist comment of last king’s statement

Kathmandu, 26 March: Maoist central leaders at a meeting Friday concluded former King Gyanendra’s remark monarchy wasn’t dead was objectionable and against the spirit of the constitution.
Maoists asked parties to unite against the remark.
Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai said the former king was attempting to fish in muddy water.
Maoists also discussed the agenda for a standing committee meetinglater Friday.

HLPM meets

Kathmandu, 26 March: The high-level political mechanism (HLPM) of Nepali Congress, Maoists and UML is meeting for the first time after the heath of its coordinator Girija Prasad Koirala Saturday.
The meeting is being held at Maoist parliamentary office
The meeting will discuss the mechanism’s work procedure and terofof reference.
Nepali Congress and Maoists claimed leadership of the mechanism
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is the mechanism’s invited member.
UML has suggested the leadership should be rotated between the three parties.

Millions destroyed in Sunsari fire

Kathmandu, 26 March: At least 30 houses were gutted and assets worth millions was lost in a devastating fire at Dubahi 1 and 2 in Sunsari Friday morning.
Twenty houses were demolished to stop the fire spreading.
The fire started from a cowshed.

SLC question leaked in Bara

Kathmandu, 26 March: Question papers were leaked at two centers in Bara Friday on the second day of SLC examinations.
Question papers of compulsory Nepali was leaked as photocopies were available before examinations started.
Widespread irregularities have been reported including use of mobile phones at centers.
Lalitpur’s Kumari Chanira Bajracharya is sitting for the tests from her home.

Gurkhas to protect Claudia Schiffer

Kathmandu, 26 March: Claudia Schiffer’s husband has hired a team of elite Nepali warriors to protect his wife after fears the German supermodel will become the next John Lennon, agencies report out of London.
Film director Matthew Vaughn told the Sun newspaper he was terrified his supermodel wife would be killed by a crazed fan after several incidents of stalkers bringing into their home.
The repeated stalker incidents prompted Vaughn and Schiffer to hire a team of former Gurkha soldiers—Nepali warriors reputed as some of the best in the world.

Stolen Nepali idol traced in India

Kathmandu, 26 March: Indian police have seized an idol stolen Monday night from the Ram Janaki Mandir from Bahadurgunj in Kapilvasthu while being sold for Rs 100 million in the Indian market, Rajdhani reports from Kapilvasthu.
But thieves who stole the priceless idol are missing.
Efforts are ongoing to bring the back the idol to Nepal.

Indian missing children return home

Kathmandu, 26 March: Six Indian children who went missing from the Phutsok Choeling Monastery at Ichangu Nayaran VDC-6 of Kathmandu got back home in East Kameng in India this morning [Thursday], reports The Himalayan Times.
The boys had fled the monastery March 1.
‘The kids fled from Kathmandu; they reached Hotel Kantipur near the Indo-Nepal border. They worked there for a months to raise enough money for train tickets back home,” SP Tumme Amo of East Kameng said.

British Gurkhas being deployed in Afghanistan

Kathmandu, 26 March: The United Kingdom is all set to deploy 1,200 British Gurkhas in war-torn Afghanistan in what will be the largest Gurkha deployment under the NATO-led coalition force after 9/11, The Kathmandu Post reports.
The British government recently dispatched a letter to Nepal government informing about its plan.]
According to th plan, the UK will deploy Gurkhas from April end to October-end. As of 2009, 500Gurkha soldiers had served in Afghanistan.
A platoon of Gurkhas will be deployed in and around the war-torn southern province of Helmand, where American, British and other NATO forces have a huge presence.
Currently, 3,760 Gurkhas are serving in the British army.

Direct bus service starts between London and Kathmandu

Kathmandu, 26 March: Direct bus service between London and Kathmandu started Thursday with the arrival of 13 passengers in the capital, Nagarik reports.
A sick passenger got off the bus in New Delhi.
The bus left London for Kathmandu 15 February.


Nepal cricket squad selected

Kathmandu, 26 March: Paras Khadka will again lead the Nepali team for the ACC Trophy Elite Cup cricket tournament in Kuwait from 31 March to 9 April.
Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) selected the team Thursday.
Other members of the squad are: Gyanendra Malla, Binod Das, Shakti Prasad Gauchan, Mehboon Alam, Sanjam Regmi, Dipendra Chandhary, Basanta Regmi, Mahesh Chetri, Sharad Vesawakar, Anil Kumar Mandal, Rahul Krishna BK, Amrit Bhattarai and Binod Bhattarai.
Subash Khakurel, Pradeep Airee and Naresh Budhayer are reserve players.


“After the decision [calling the royal commission of anti-corruption unconstitutional], all justices felt insecure the whole all night fearing disposal.”

(Retired Supreme Court Justice Anup Raj Sharma, Naya Patrika, 26 March).

“Going by culture, tradition and beliefs, more than 60 percent of people in Nepal accept monarchy and are monarchists. There’ll be no peace in Nepal without keeping them happy.”

“Senior Advocate Sindhunath Pyakhurel, Jana Bhawana, 26 March)


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