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Saturday, April 17, 2010

UML activist commits suicide in party headquarters

Kathmandu, 18 April: Degendra Rajbansi, 65, a UML activist, committed suicide at the party head office at Balkhu Saturday, police said.
He was found hanging from a tree.
Rajbansi is a veteran of the Jhapa uprising when the then ML started a bloody peasant’s movement from the district during the panchayat regime.

Basantapur Durbar Square a no-vehicle zone

Kathmandu, 18 April: Basantapur Durbar Square on the World Heritage List will be a no-vehicle zone from Sunday.
The local administration declared the area free of vehicles Saturday.
Ambulances and emergency vehicle services will be permitted.

Khas Chetris launch paramilitary wing

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 April: Khas-Chetri Eketa Samaj, dissatisfied with Maoists made public its security outfit in Biratnagar, Rajdhani reports fro Itahari.
It’s been named Khas-Chetri Security agency.
The Samaj said only those with long experience in security agencies are recruited.
It’ll defend its declared goals and counter parties and other organizations obstructing the activities of Samaj.
The Samaj confirmed the outfit’s paramilitary nature.
The main objective is to defend Nepal state and Chhetris.
Membership will be given only to those with long experience in military, police, Indian and British Gurkhas.
New entrants will be given military and warfare training by former police and military veterans.
The organization was launched from Jhapa and will be expanded slowly.
The organization’s structure resembles the Nepal Army.
Retired policeman Chetnath Thapa is chief of the Jhapa unit.
The present members don’t require training Thapa said..
‘It can take up arms especially against foreign intervention and attempts at national disintegration,” he added.
The Khas population in Nepal is 6.3 million.
Commanders said Maoists have deceived in establishing the rights of Khas Chetris.
The Samaj has established in seven eastern districts some in the west to far.

Unilateral construction of dams in Bihar

Kathmandu, 18 April: Bihar state government with the permission of the federal government has started constructions of dams along the Nepal-India border, Rajdhani reports from Mohottari.
The Nepali side hasn’t shown much concern despite the inundation it will it will cause in Nepal.
Bihar State Bagmati Irrigation Scheme has started the drive to build dams.

Maoists on nation-wide training drive

Kathmandu, 18 April: Maoists have started imparting political and physical training in the districts as the party decided to launch a movement to displace the government, Kantipur reports from Kathmandu, Rolpa, Dandeldhura and Sindhuli.
Maoists said the training is being given for ‘self-defense’.
The training is being imparted in Rolpa, Dandeldhura, Kailali and other districts as Maoist leaders said a conspiracy isbeing hatched against peace and constitution drafting.


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