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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maoist politburo meet

Kathmandu, 14 April: Maoist politburo begins later Wednesday.
Maoists will draw up plans to topple the government from parliament and the street.
The standing committee earlier decided to topple the government.
The main opposition could bring in a no-confidence against the government of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

28,687 Bhutanese refugees resettled

Kathmandu, 14 April: Altogether 28, 687 Bhutanese refugees from camps in east Nepal have been resettled abroad until 9 April, Nepal Samacharpatra reports from Birtamodh.
The process started 13 months ago.
(Note: Nearly 108,000 refugees are in camps in Jhapa and Morang.)


‘I don’t believe Prithvi Narayan Shah is God; I don’t worship him. I have to accept my father even though he may be the biggest drunkard.”

(Modhnath Prashit, Janaastha, 14 April)


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