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Sunday, May 30, 2010

KP Sharma Oli in New Delhi amid continuing political uncertainty after agreement to extend CA tenure

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 May: UML leader KP Sharma Oli arrived in New Delhi for discussions Sunday for consultations with the Indian establishment on the pretext of medical treatment.
Before embarking for the Indian capital Oli told reporters he could meet leaders there
New Delhi is the Pashupatinath for Nepal’s politicos after the toppling of the royal regime four years ago.
He just returned from the Indian capital last month on the same pretext of medical treatment; Oli suffers a kidney ailment.
Oli flew to the Indian capital as pressures mounted from Maoists for the resignation of Prime Minster Madhav Kumar Nepal following Saturday morning’s extension of the constituent (CA) tenure by one year.
But the agreement between three major parties is again vague like the 12-point New Delhi comprehensive peace accord and has created more problems rather than resolving issues.
Maoists thought they won with the three-party accord but haven’t.
Oli is a candidate from UML to replace Nepal from UML should the incumbent premier resign to make way for Maoists.
This isn’t an immediate possibility.
Maoists, without Nepal’s signature, Friday got a commitment of the premier’s resignation linking it with the formation of a national government.
No mention was made when the incumbent government chief would resign.
Politicking has already started to from a new government as analysts said the drafting of the constitution has been sidelines.
Commentators said effort is again concentrated on government change and not drafting a constitution.
The battle is between liberal democracy and the rule of law and extreme communism.

Load-shedding reduced by six hours

Kathmandu, 30 May: Daily load-shedding was reduced by six hours Sunday with the arrival of pre-monsoon rains and not because of remarkable government performance by government to increase power supply.
Weather has come to the embattled government’s aid as people get some relief
Daily power outage was reduced to from 12 to six hours.

Further detail on govt. honour for Nepal Army officers

Kathmandu, 30 May: The ruling party led by NC and UML mentioned not only retired Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal but also current chief Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung and his likely successor Gaurab SJB Rana Saturday on the second anniversary of republic day.
The two ruling parties have stopped their foreign inspired international campaign to defame national institutions, including Nepal Army, after Maoists won the April 2008 constituent assembly elections.
The message to Maoists and the so-called international, read western governments, community should be and clear.
India has resumed arms supplies to Nepal’s police although Great Britain and USA continue export of lethal weapons.


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