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Monday, May 31, 2010

Three big parties meeting again; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 May: Amid differences in interpreting a 3-point agreement that culminate din Saturday’s extension of the constituent assembly by one year until 28 May 2011, Maoists, NC and UML are meeting again Monday to narrow down differences.
Maoists said they got a verbal commitment for the resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to create a united national united government as ruling parties pressed demands for a package to complete the press process and draft a constitution.
Maoists are demanding Nepal’s resignation in one month.
Nepal, who was not a signatory to Friday’s three-point agreement, denied there’s any verbal commitment for his resignation; but the agreement was signed by Nepal’s UML.
Maoist standing committee meet Monday morning asked government and ruling to implement Friday’s agreement honestly to create an atmosphere of trust.
Twenty-two ruling parties protested Sunday there were kept in the dark in Friday’s landmark agreement that gave parties another one year time to write a constitution which couldn’t be completed within the stipulated two-year timetable.
Stock market rallied or second consecutive day Monday.
The market gained 26.96 points Sunday as trading started the first day of the week; business was interrupted twice as prices rose continuously
India, which supported Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and the president as constitutional authorities hasn’t yet reacted to developments in neighbouring Nepal as major world capitals welcomed a breakthrough.
Perceptions of the West and India on the strategic Himalayan state between China and India after emergence of Maoists as the largest party after the April 2008 CA elections no monger match.
EU particularly is Maoist-friendly while New is not easy with the extreme communists though India is ready to deal with ‘moderate’ communists like PM Nepal’s UML.

Three family members die, seven sick after eating wild mushrooms

Kathmandu, 31 May: A man, his wife and granddaughter died without medical attention in remote Lochar-33 in north Chitwan overnight after eating wild mushroom collected from a forest.
Seven Chepang family members are sick.
Deaths by eating wild mushrooms are common during annual monsoon.

Former royal aide blames King Birendra for royal palace massacre; says international forces could have incited individual royal family members

By Bhola B Ra

Kathmandu, 31 May: Chiran Shumshere Thapa, a former aide to two kings, said King Birendra was partially responsible for the Narayanhiti palace massacre.
He said international forces couldn’t have been behind it while they could have incited family members.
The aide to Kings Birendra and Gyanendra revealed Crown Prince Dipendra was the killer.
Thapa was press secretary of Birendra when the unprecedented massacre took place in June 2001 finally culminating in the fall of monarchy five years later.
“International forces couldn’t have triggered such events but they can’t say if they incited family members. The differences between brothers weren’t that important because the person who becomes king was brought up in a different manner,” Thapa said in a special article on the eve of the tragedy in Nepal newsmagazine.
‘King Birendra didn’t have even the slightest doubt his son; this is also another reason There was no reason it should have culminated in murder. ‘This was the biggest mistake of the king-- mainly, the confidence on Crown Prince Dipendra on weapons use and other military matters.”
Thapa wrote: “Dipendra was behind the event; there’s no doubt about it. But there could be other reasons behind it.”
He royal aide revealed :” Dipendra was dissatisfied why his father was silent especially on the issue of his marriage”
Thirteen persons, including the entire family, died in the carnage.


“The leaders playacted so well they kept the people on tender hooks till the end.”

(Columnist Shyam KC, The Kathmandu Post, 31 May)

“Panchayat failed; monarchy failed; its’ not parties that failed.”

(Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma, Jana Bhawana, 31 May)


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