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Sunday, July 25, 2010

VDC secretaries continue en masse resignations

Kathmandu, 26 July: VDC secretaries continue en masse resignations to save their lives amid threats from
Four-four secretaries resigned collectively in Udaipur amid threats from Samyukta Jatiya Mukti Morcha.
The rebels were demanding donations amid death threats.
Secretaries from 30 districts in more than 1,500 among 4,000 VDCs have resigned amid the threat campaign.
Government has failed to provide security to officials to run basic services for people.


Gross foreign exchange in dollar terms declines

Kathmandu, 26 July: Gross foreign earnings in dollar terms declined to $3.32 billion in mid-June from $3.33 billion in mid-April, Nepal Rashtra Bank said.
The depreciation of the rupee against the dollar was the reason for the decline, the central bank said.
The reserve is sufficient to finance merchandise import for 8.1 months and service imports for 6.8 months.

Inflation down to single digit

Kathmandu, 26 July: Year of year inflation as measured by the consumer price index fell to 9.6 percent in mid-June compared to 12.3 percent in the same period the previous year, Nepal Rashtra Bank said.
But the price index of food and beverage group increased 11.3 percent and non-food and service group increased by only 7.3 percent.


“Jhalanath Khanal will resign immediately if there’s one brave person in this world to proves he is in a minority in the central committee. He’ll resign immediately. I took on the challenge to make prime minister a person [PM Nepal] who lost from two constituencies.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Naya Patrika, 26 July)

“We’ll read about India’s role after you write about it. We’ll read after you write and then we’ll know. I decided out of my own conscience. Others may know what they did. Don’t ask my.”

(MJFN Chairman Upendra Yadav, Janabhawana, 26 July)

“Due to a greater focus on politics, the real and pressing concerns get lost somewhere in the middle. The politicians and government are not focusing on the food security as much as they need to. It is easier to ignore and overlook how the people in the rural hinterlands are living.”

(WFP Country Director Richard Ragan, The Himalayan Times, 26 July)