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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maoist murder suspect arrested

Kathmandu, 26 Aug.: Prime suspect in a murder of a ruling party UML Rupendhaehi leader and most wanted on the police list YCL leader Sujit KM was arrested in Sundhara in the capital Thursday, police lsaid.
He was arrested with a forged citizen certificate and a fake driving license, police added.
BK is a prime suspect in the murder of UML leader Prachanda Thaiba who was shot dead in Rupendhaehi several years ago.
Maoist had assured authorities BK would be delivered to the National Human Rights Commission.

PM briefs president on govt. difficulties

Kathmandu, 26 Aug.: Caretaker Prime Minister in a hour-long meeting with ceremonial President Dr Ram Baran Yadav briefed in difficulties the country will face in a complete budget for the fiscal 2010/11 isn’t presented to parliament.
PM Nepal told the president development projects and the daily running of government will be affected without the presentation of a complete budget, the government’s political advisor Raghuji Pant said.
The president was concerned the country could face a financial crisis without the presentation of a full budget and was also concerned a replace government hadn’t been formed in two months.
Nepal’s government faced a similar situation last year.
Main opposition Maoists in July permitted the release of funds in parliament for four months to run only the government only.
PM Nepal told the president the caretaker government is consulting with political parties to resolve the hurdle faced by government even by bringing a complete lbudgeteven though the government is caretaker..
The country is run by a caretaker administration for the last two months and parliament isn’t in session to discuss crucial issues, including extensive damage caused by incessant rains.
Parliament should normally be in session until the beginning of the festive season.

PM Nepal seeks support for Kul Chandra Gautam

Kathmandu, 26 Aug. Caretaker Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is separate meetings with ambassadors from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh Thursday and sought the support of the three South Asian countries for the candidature of Kul Chandra Gautam for the president of the UN general assembly 2010/11, Nepal’s aide said.
Nepal is meeting ambassadors of other Asian countries based in the capital Monday on behalf of Gautam.
Nepal has officially written to Asian countries seeking their support in the September vote.
Gautam is a retired UN assistant secretary general.
Nepal’s campaigning for Gautam has been lackluster
The Himalayan state is contesting the election when the country’s international rating if low with current political instability.
Nepal is also dissatisfied with the functioning of UNMIN, the political arm of the UN with main ruling parties pushing for the withdrawal of the mission—a demand that is unpalatable of the western states in the security council.

Maoists say activities of NA unnatural

Kathmandu, 26 Aug.: Maoist PLA Chief Nanda Kishore Pun in a statement Thursday said the activities of Nepal Army (NA) was ‘unnatural’ and the suggestions of the Chief Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung to send home UNMIN with political party leaders was against the spirit of the comprehensive peace agreement.
Pun said ‘;PLA ‘serious attention’ had been drawn to the suggestion of the army chief and the NA third boycott Thursday of the meeting of the joint monitoring coordination committee headed by UNMIN.
Maoist central committee Thursday decided to take up the issues of UNMIN and army boycott with PM Nepal and other political parties.


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