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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kathmandu, 31` Oct. President Dr Ram Baran Yadav is attending the closing ceremony of the Shanghai Expo Sunday.
He’ll meet Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in the sidelines of the Expo coming to an end six months after its opening in the Chinese commercial hub.
The president inspected the Nepal pavilion at the Expo Saturday; the pagoda pavilion attracted 7.5 million visitors.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Maoist Chairman Prachanda-led seven-member task force began meetomh again Sunday to narrow down differences in parries on 230 points to be incorporated in a proposed constitution to institutionalize a declared republic.
The task force, with representatives of major parties, is preparing a report to be submitted to Chairman Subash Nemwang.
Discussions on a name and body to appoint, transfer and sack judges wwere inconclusive Saturday.
Prachanda was optimistic hopeful of an agreement Sunday
No work has been registered in five months after its two-year elected term was extended 28 May 2010; only seven months remain now to proclaim a constitution seven as differences persist on eight of 11 subject committees.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: UML standing committee which began meeting Sunday will discuss the current prolonged political deadlock besides reviewing the party position on the issue.
The committee will discuss current issues and an end to the deadlock, Secretary Yubaraj Geywali said.
The party faction led by Chairman Jhalanath Khanal has asked NC to join an effort to form a government of national unity.
But a powerful section in the party with the support of Caretaker Prime Minister and KP Sharma Oli are pushing for a coalition with NC.
Khanal Saturday asked NC and its Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel to withdraw candidacy and join an effort to from a joint national government.
Paudel, the sole candidate in the race for prime minister, has asked UML to abandon its policy to boycott with Maoists and join the voting process to end the deadlock.
The UML standing committee meets before Monday’s 15th round parliamentary vote.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Pascale Bruderer Wyss, speaker of Swiss national council, arrives Sunday at the invitation of Speaker Sumabsh Nemwang.
He’ll hold discussions with the speaker and leaders of political parties while inspecting Swiss-aided projects.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: While Chandra Kumar Chandhari of Sunsari has been elected president of Tharu Welfare Society by the 20th general convention in Dang.
Eleven women and 24 men were unanimously elected office bearers from a district each.
The assembly met to push community interests after 61 years.
Chaudhari got 68 votes to defeat his nearest rival Thakur Singh Tharu of Banke who secured 58 votes.
Dhani Ram Chaudhari of Rupandhaehi and Sharashwori Chaudhari of Kathmandu collected 12 and four votes respectively.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Suresh Patel, a teacher of terai origin, was abducted and shot dead in Bara while driving home overnight on his motorcycle.
He was abducted and shot by a group of 10 to 15 persons along a river bank in the central terai district.
A trader has been detained for questioning.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Peshal Kumar Dahal, 76, NC leader who was elected to parliament from Okhaldungha in the first parliamentary, died Saturday in the capital.
He was suffering asthma.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Two persons died and three others were injured when a a tractor plunged into a river in Surkhet overnight.
The owner was driving the tractor which was just bought.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has begun shifting its two divisions to Singha Durbar from its Narayanhiti office.

The move is aimed at creating more space at Narayanhiti office for

the issuance of Machine Readable Passports, the first consignment of which is expected to arrive

next week.

On Friday, two of its divisions: North American and Europe; and North-East and South-East Asia, were moved to a newly built building in Singha Durbar. The building was built as an annex block for the Ministry of Finance.

MoFA is planning to shift all political desks and office of the foreign minister in Singha Durbar; whereas the passport and protocol divisions will remain in Narayanhiti.

Deputy Spokesperson of MoFA, Harish Chandra Ghimire, said other remaining divisions of

the ministry including

the office of foreign

minister and foreign secretary will be moved to Singha Durbar soon.

He, however, informed that MoFA would need around four months to move all the divisions as furnishing and cabling works are still going on in the new building.

As per its agreement with French firm Oberthur Technologies, which is supplying MRP to Nepal, MoFA has to create at least 1,000 square feet of space for MRP personalisation.

MoFA has estimated that it has to issue up to 4,000 MRPs per day after its introduction before January 1, 2011.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Defending champion Tribhuvan Army Club entered the final of the 17th Tilottama Gold Cup Football Tournament defeating Nepal armed Police Force (NAO) 1-0 in extra-time in Butwal Saturday.
Tribhuvan Army Club will play the Sunday’s winner in another semi-final—either Himalayan Sherpa or Jawalakhel Youth Club.


“It’s a bitter truth. There are five, six persons in the race for prime minister.”

(Maoist Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai. Nagarik, 31 Oct.)

“Food, clothes and roof are our essential needs but its difficult to survive with cuts in our relief. After resettlement started, we’ve been additionally ignored.”

(Bhutanese refugee Maniraj Gurung of Beldangi refugee camp, Annapurna Post, 31 Oct.)

‘To obstruct budget presentation and talk of dissolution of parliament and presidential rule reflect the extremes of the decline of Nepali politics. This should be prevented.”

(Chitra Bahadur KC, Chairman Rashtriya Janamorcha Nepal, Chalphal, 31 Oct.)


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Chief Ramesh Kharel Is leaving for China Wednesday to participate in a conference on urban security in Asian cities with other Asian counterparts, Nagarik reports.
He’s scheduled to return 16 November after a fortnight’s absence from the capital.
Police officers from 10 countries will exchange experiences in Beijing at a conference organized by the Chinese government; police, army military and diplomats are attending.
Kharel is preparing a report of Nepal’s security system and experiences.
There are fears he’s being replaced on the pretext of his long absence from the city.
A decision hasn’t been taken whether a DSP should be appointed Acting
SP or another SP appointed to replace Kharel. A decision could be takes with the return of IGP Ramesh Chand Thakuri from USA Saturday.


Kathmanddu, 41 Oct.: In his first full-length interview after his return from China this week, UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has stressed on the need for “a strategic tripartite partnership” between China, India and Nepal, whose cornerstone would be peace, stability and development, Akhilesh Upadhaya writes in The Kathmandu Post..

“It’s not an abstract concept. You don’t need to be intrigued by it,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur at his Naya Bazaar residence on Saturday morning. “Both China and India have made rapid advances in economic development. If Nepal lags behind as an underdeveloped country, it may affect both the countries negatively.”

He suggested that it was time the region took cue from successful global trends of regional partnerships such as the EU and ASEAN.

Dahal also stressed that the three countries had mutual security concerns and only through a common approach could they be addressed.

“Historically, all three countries have had respective security concerns. The thinking I am putting forward aims at addressing concerns of all the three at once, and would strategically allow all to focus on development,” he said during the 40-minute interview at his residence packed with party workers discussing preparations for the party’s upcoming extended plenum in Gorkha where over 5,000 party leaders will discuss the party’s strategic vision.

“Our concerns and issues of national independence are still there. We haven’t let go of the issues related to national sovereignty. It’s just that we try to settle the issue sometimes through the streets, sometimes from the table. Right now, we want to solve the

issue from the table. This is not an issue we can easily let go of as it directly relates with our sovereignty, peace, stability and development,” a visibly relaxed Dahal said.

Coming on the heels of very topsy-turvy ties with India the last one year or so, the plenum will be closely followed for how it would define the party’s relations with India.

Already, the party hardliners are insisting that India be named its “principal enemy,” a suggestion many

others, most notably party Vice-Chairman Baburam Bhattarai, are opposed to. It is not yet clear how many political documents the plenum will discuss and whether the party chairman will choose the hard-line position, go with the pragmatists, or combine both schools of thought.

During the candid interview (see page 7 on Monday for the full interview), Dahal indicated that he would visit New Delhi after the plenum, though he didn’t offer any dates.

“I don’t think it will be possible before the plenum. Perhaps after the plenum. I had talked with some people about the visit (to India) and they had brought a proposal to create a conducive environment around Nov. 15. Given the time constraints around the plenum, I have told them it would best if an arrangement can be made after the plenum.”

The plenum, first scheduled for Sept. 21, was on Thursday postponed for Nov. 21.

Dahal acknowledged suggestion that his popularity, especially outside his own party, had suffered the last couple of years. “Two years ago, there were some expectations and attractions about my leadership for the middle ground and for those outside the party as well. But no leadership in the world can remain in the peak for ever. Protests, controversies and ups and downs are part and parcel of a political life “

But he seemed convinced that his popularity will soon be restored once people realized “what he was trying to do. I think it will again go up and they will put me on even a higher ground. “Marx and Lenin also passed through the same stages (of ups and owns).”

Dahal said China has advised his party to improve ties with New Delhi and that China sounded positive on a tripartite agreement between China, Nepal and India

He stressed that the traditional ties needed to be redefined in view of the changed geopolitics and this, he said, would further strengthen the relationship, not weaken it. He said Nepal’s relationship with Indian needed to be further strengthened at the political level

“It is not that difficult to understand China’s concerns. If there is peace and stability in Nepal, their security concerns related to Tibet will be addressed,” he said in the interview.

Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Distribution of the wheat seeds in Doti district has been stopped following the meager harvest in the area apparently caused by sterile paddy seeds distributed by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mohan Shahi reports from Doti in The Kaathmandu Post.

A local NGO that has been distributing the strain of wheat to farmers in the district has directed its employees to stop distributing the seeds in the mountain areas.

District Development Officer of Doti Yagya Raj Joshi said the strain of wheat named “Gautami” is not suitable for the areas and it will not yield good harvest like that of paddy seeds named “Radha 4”.

However, the NGO has been distributing the seeds in the areas of the inner Tarai.

Most of the farmers of the district are reluctant to sow the wheat seeds fearing the same fate as that of the paddy.

They were deceived when they were given the paddy seeds, said a farmer Shiva Raj Upadhyay of Khirsain-5. “We are worried that we may meet the same fate again,” he added.

The office has said that sowing of the Gautami seeds in Tarai areas where the climate is hot poses no harm. It has also requested the farmers not to hesitate to plant the seeds.

“We have halted the distribution,” said Sher Bahadur Malla of the NGO. “There was a technical problem in the distribution of the strain of paddy, but the same will not take place in the case of wheat seeds,” he added.

“We have taken special precautions in the distribution of the wheat seeds,” said coordinator of the NGO Chandra Prasad Nepal, asking farmers in areas where the seeds have already been distributed not to be worried.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct: Maoist Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai presented his ideological line at a gathering of cadres and leaders including those close to other Maoist factions, in Biratnagar Saturday, Ajit Tiwari and Khlilanath Dhakal report in Republica from Biratnagar.

The gathering, held at the office of the Maoist Kochila state committee, was not a "separate meeting" of those willing to listen to him, as planned earlier, but also saw the presence of cadres loyal to Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya.
The Maoist party is vertically divided into three factions led by Dahal, Baidya and Bhattarai.

Leaders close to Dahal and Baidya had prevented Bhattarai from holding a separate meeting in the districts to disseminate his party line in the run up of the party plenum slated for November 21 in Gorkha.

Due to the opposition, Bhattarai later planned to hold the meeting on the outskirts of Biratnagar, but again decided to present his views during the gathering at the Kochila state committee office.

The three top leaders are scheduled to present their separate political documents during the Gorkha plenum.

"I have only told you some of the contents for discussions; it is not the whole political document," said Dr Bhattarai addressing the gathering for nearly an hour. "This is my line, these are the Chairman´s and Baidya´s. Please hold a discussion and come to the plenum with a conclusion," he added. Leaders from all three factions including Maoist lawmaker Sabitri Poudel, who is close to Dahal, and politburo member Ram Karki, who is close to Bhattarai, were also present at the meeting.

Only Maoist state and district committee members were allowed to participate in the meeting.

"We are using parliament, the streets and the government to complete the people´s revolution. Though our principal contradiction seems to be with the imperialism of India, the situation demands that we continue fighting domestic feudalism," sources quoted Bhattarai as saying.

He argued that it would be counterproductive to declare India the principal enemy at this time and declare war against that country, and warned that the achievements made so far would be lost if the party moves toward that direction.

He argued that the revolution to be conducted within the ´parameters´ of parliament and the government would be the ´original revolution´ in Nepal. Dahal and Baidya are for declaring India as the principal enemy.

Leaders close to Dahal and Baidya were not happy with the program held by Bhattarai. Maoist deputy in-charge Ganesh Uprety, who is close to Dahal, said that Dahal and Baidya should also visit the districts to express their views.
At the conclusion, Bhattarai said that the country should move ahead joining hands with India, that a people´s revolt is not possible and the issue should be left to be decided in the future.
"We expected that his ideological line would come out only at the party plenum in Gorkha, but they held a gathering of state and district committees," said Uprety.
Responding to queries by journalists, Bhattarai said that it would be against democratic norms to prevent cadres from meeting their leaders. "Nobody has prevented me from meeting the party cadres. I came here to meet them. The party also doesn´t have such a policy and if someone thinks so, it´s absolutely wrong."

The meeting saw the presence of over 150 cadres from Ilam, Jhapa, Sunsari, Morang, Dhankuta, Panchthar and Taplejung. According to sources, Bhattarai will also meet cadres close to him on Saturday evening.


Kathmandu, 30 Oct : The intra-party dispute over the distribution of commission received from ration contractors of the Nepal Army (NA) has come out in the open after the local Maoist cadres engaged in a nasty brawl and accusations against each other, Lamall Thapa reports in Republica from Rukum.

Local Maoist cadres clashed after differences surfaced in the distribution of commission received from the contractors who bagged ration contract of The Famous Mahinda Dal Battalion on October 26. Maoist State Committee member and a member of Rukum District Committee Secretariat Dhanbir Oli has been injured in the incident.

A dissenting group led by the party´s Young Communist League (YCL) district committee member Bishal Gautam had attacked Oli after differences over the distribution of commission surfaced. Gautam alleged that Oli had paid more commission to the youths brought from Kathmandu than to the local youths.

“Party´s district leadership had called youths from Kathmandu to bag ration contract of the Nepal Army. The youths were given more commission,” Gautam said.

“The clash ensued after we demanded that all youths be paid equal commission.” He said such a practice would only incite conflict within the party. The Gautam faction has accused the party´s district committee of blowing the issue out of proportion in a bid to assassinate their character.

When asked to comment on the incident, Oli refused. “Please ask the district secretary about the incident,” he said. “I cannot comment on the incident now.”

Meanwhile, the Maoist party has suspended three cadres in connection with the incident. The suspended cadres are Rukum district secretariat member Iswar Man Budha and YCL district committee members Bishal Gautam and Yuwan Pun.

According to a press statement issued by the party´s Rukum District Committee Secretary Ramsur Budha, the cadres were suspended as they were found engaged in illicit activities against the party´s policy and ideology. “The trio has been suspended indefinitely as per the party´s policy,” he said.

The suspended cadres in a separate statement on Saturday, however, have demanded action against district committee secretary Budha instead, alleging that the latter took action against them without prior notice.

“The party leadership which used hooligans to receive commission from contractors has attempted to assassinate our character,” said the joint statement.

The trio claimed that suspension has been made without prior notice and giving an opportunity of clarification.

This is the first time the Maoist leadership has publicly taken action against its cadres.

Meanwhile, preparation is underway to file a complaint at the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) claiming that there were irregularities in the tender process of the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police and a local school.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: A feasibility study has been started to bring out the eastern regional edition of Gorkhapatra from Biratnaga, The Rising Nepal reports from Biratnagar.
Gorkhapatra Corporation chairman Vijaya Chalise has arrived here with an administrative officer in this regard.
Chalise held discussions with correspondents and distributors of the eastern development region.
On the occasion, chairman Chalise said that GC was planning to bring out the regional edition so that the readers could easily avail of the issues of the daily.
He expressed hope that all problems related to distribution, advertisement and news would be solved gradually as the management was improving.
He urged the reporters to work responsibly.
Chalise also went to Itahari and held discussions with distributors.


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