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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: A second presidential deadline to assemble a national consensus government ends Wednesday with its formation unlikely.
Talks between parties to assemble such a government have been inconclusive after President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav extended the first deadline Friday.
The Big Three-- Maoists, NC, UML – are making a final effort to get together a consensus at a meeting in Gokarna before the legislative session begins Wednesday.
Maoist Chairman Prachanda reiterated a claim Tuesday that as the largest party UCPN (Maoists) should lead a government.
Prachanda said a NC candidate was elected president, a UML candidate laws the speaker of parliament and a Maoist should lead the government for power balance.
NC and Maoists claimed leadership of the government Tuesday in a failed attempt to forge an agreement on government formation.
The president will ask parties to from a majority government if final efforts to form a consensus government are inconclusive Wednesday.
Parliament, by majority vote Tuesday, approved a motion tabled my Maoist lawmaker Ek Raj Bhandari amending parliamentary procedure to remove hurdle in electing a government chief.
A successor of Madhav Kumar Nepal, who resigned 30 June 2010, hasn’t been elected even after 16 rounds of voting.
Small parties opposed the amendment.
Following the amendment, lawmakers will have to compulsorily cast their ballot for a prime ministerial candidate without an option to cast a negative vote.
A prime ministerial candidate must secure a majority vote.


Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: All reports of seven subject committees of the constituent assembly (CA), with differences, will be sent to the main constitution drafting committee headed by Nilambar Acharya.
Chairman Subash Nemwang has convened a meeting of the CA Wednesday.
The meeting is expected to approve a proposal to send the reports to the constitution drafting committee.
There are differences between parties on 83 topics.
The parties have agreed to activate the drafting committee with nearly
four months remaining to promulgate a constitution by the second
extended deadline of 28 May 2011 to promulgate a basis law to institutionalize a republic declared by a self-appointed unelected parliament.
There are fears the second deadline may also not be met as
differences persist between major parties differ on major issues for
incorporation in a proposed constitution.
The Big Three differ of the fundamental issue of a state structure.


Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: Ramati Debi Yadav, 55, was shot dead by un unknown group Tuesday at Haajariy-6 in Sarlahi.
Violence continues unabated in the terai where armed groups described as ‘criminal’ by security agencies are active.
Yadav was shot and injured in her home.
A woman of Muslim origin was shot dead in the district two days


Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: Krishna Charan Rai and Siddhartha Lama have been sentenced by the Kathmandu district court to 22 years imprisonment and a Rs 2.6 million fine each for the abduction two years ago of Megham
the daughter of famed neurologist Dr. Upendra Devkota.
The school girl was abducted from the northern suburb of the capital.
Dr.Devkota paid a Rs. 130 million to secure the freedom of his daughter.
Accomplices Hem Bahadur Magar and Raju Lama were sentenced
to 15 and 13 years imprisonment respectively and were slapped a Rs. 175,000 fine each.
Three other suspects are absconding.


Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: India hasn’t supplied lethal weapons to Nepal recently, according to Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari.
“There have been no talks on supply of lethal weapons with India
at present,” she told Republica in New Delhi.
The newspaper also quoted her as saying there is ‘no immediate plan’ to purchase military hardware for Nepal Army (NA) from India.
“There has been no progress on that front at present.’ Adding talks were ongoing to import lethal and non-lethal weapons.
The comments come immediately after jus concluded visit on the Indian army chief to Nepal when resumption of weapons supplies suspended during the royal regime in 2006were suspended.


Kathmandu, 26 Jan. : Eight Nepal Army (NA) officials, including a Brigadier General, who had started a political lobbying against the term extension of their senior official were brought under a court martial process on Tuesday, The Rising Nepal reports.
Nepal Army interrogation and additional verifications were initiated by keeping them under Military custody.
On Monday, eight Nepal Army officials, including BG Kiran Bajracharya, Lieutenant Colonel Premesh Kumar Chhetri, Majors Kiran Shrestha, Pankaj Thapa, Ram Sagar Yadav, Dhruba Pandit, Govinda Mainali, and Captain Rajesh Chhetri were brought under military barracks for violating military discipline and chain of army command.
Talking to The Rising Nepal, Ramindra Chhetri, Brigadier General and spokesperson of the Nepal Army and director of the Directorate of Public Relations (DPR), said, "They are currently kept in military barracks under custody for interrogation and verifications for their lobbying."
By Tuesday, actions would be initiated against them by the court martial board for finding out their details of their political lobbying rather than abiding by army discipline and chain of command.
BG Chhetri said military interrogation and investigation would continue till details and legal actions to be taken against them were confirmed.
"The eight officials have been charged of transgressing military discipline by lobbying against a senior official," NA Spokesperson Rabindra Chettri informed.
Bajracharya, along with the NA officials, had met Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Defense Minister Bidhya Bhandari and lobbied against the term extension of Major General Naresh Basnet, chief of NA Directorate of Development and Construction.
They have been taken under custody as per the directives from the military court.


Singapore Police gurkhas charge government of being apathetic

Kathmandu, 26 Jan.: Nepali Gurkhas retired from Singapore Police today [Tuesday] criticised the Nepali government of being apathetic towards the problems they face on account of the Singapore government’s discrimination against them, according to The Himalayan Times.

Singapore Pensioner’s Association informed that absence of a treaty between Nepal and Singapore on Gurkha recruitment had forced them to endure injustice.

According to the Association, Nepali Gurkhas are paid very low pension compared to their Singaporean counterparts. The widows of retired Nepali Gurkhas from Singapore do not have pension rights. Besides, Nepali Gurkhas are also discriminated in terms of inflation allowance and health insurance. Furthermore, children of pensioners are not allowed to pursue further study and join the Singapore police after their fathers retire.

Speaking at a press meet, Chairman of the Association Hari Dwaj Gurung said that despite the association’s efforts and request to both Singapore and Nepali governments, both had turned a deaf ear. A delegation of the association had submitted a memorandum to the Home Ministry in Singapore and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nepal.

Vice Chairman of the Association Netra Gurung, underscored the need of a new recruitment treaty between Nepal and Singapore, which would help address the problems faced by Nepali Gurkhas in Singapore

Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police Force was founded in 1949. Singapore was then a colony of Britain. Before the First and the Second World Wars, British Gurkha soldiers were stationed in Singapore. The British recruit one group of Gurkhas for the UK army and another for Singapore Police Force. There are around 2,000 Nepali Gurkhas in Singapore police.

Six months ago, the Supreme Court had directed the government to initiate a treaty with Singapore regarding benefits for Nepali Gurkhas working there but no step has been take on this issue so far


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