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Thursday, September 29, 2011



Kathmandu, 30 Oct. The fifth Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Global conference begins n Kathmandu 12 October and will continue for three days until 14 October.
Nearly 700delegats are expected to participate.
The meeting will jointly by sponsored by NRNA and FNCCI.
A new executive board will be elected for a two-year term.
A conference organizing committee headed by Deputy Prime
Minister and Foreign Minister Narayan Kazi Shrestha reviewed
preparations for the meeting.


Kathmandu, 30 Sept.: The Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) has asked the Ministry of Commerce and Supply (MoCS) to immediately prepare a list of those who have long been involved in producing and supplying adulterated foods, other products and services and declare them ineligible for operating businesses in future, Bimal Gautam reports in Republica.

OPMCM Secretary Leelamani Paudyal dispatched 10 separate letters in the names of various ministries including MoCS, asking them to regulate daily essentials and blacklist those found supplying sub-standard products, that cause severe problems in public health.

"Trace back three generations of those who have been found producing and supplying sub-standard foods and other products, blacklist them and also declare them ineligible for running any kind of business in future by formulating the required regulations," states the directive signed by Secretary Paudyal.

Paudyal, on behalf of OPMCM, also directed MoCS not to leave any stone unturned to book, blacklist and disqualify for further business activity those who have been found guilty of selling date-expired medicines. "Declare ineligible those who are proved guilty in connection with producing and selling adulterated foods and medicines and also ban them from operating any kind of food business and other trade in future," the directive further states.

OPMCM has also asked MoCS to probe and prepare a list of those who have long been operating one fradulent business after another. "We have information that a number of individuals and firms have closed their businesses to evade revenue and escape possible action only to re-start after renaming the companies," said Paudyal, adding, "We have asked MoCS to probe and prepare three-generation lists of such individuals and companies, blacklist them and declare them ineligible for running businesses in future."

In another letter, sent to the Ministry of Energy (MoE), OPMCM has asked the latter to probe 20 big industrial firms allegedly involved in pilfering electricity. "We have directed MoE to probe 20 major industrial firms and also find the officials at Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) who have allegedly been involved in abetting such pilfering," Paudyal added.

MoE is also being asked to recover dues from such industrial firms without further delay. In a letter sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), OPMCM has directed it to control visitor visas and beef up checking for those going to work in Gulf countries using tampered passports and other documents.

In a separate letter to the Ministry of Labor and Transport Management (MoLTM), OPMCM has directed the latter to control the trend of sending innocent Nepalis, mostly women from various parts of the country, purportedly for lucrative jobs abroad including in Kuwait. "There have been a number of complaints that the manpower mafia has long been trafficking innocent Nepalis to the oil-rich countries with the help of forged passports and tampered documents," Secretary Paudual said, adding, "MoLTM is also being asked to arrange smooth transport flow by making transport fare rates and routes public at bus parks and other key points such as Kalanki."

OPMCM has also asked the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MoPPW) to ensure the quality of drinking water and its effective, regular and equal distribution in the Valley."

OPMCM has also proposed to Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai a probe panel to investigate the expenses incurred in maintaining the Naubishe-Naghdhunga highway section, the status of roads being maintained, and the present state of the Naubise-Naghdhunga section and roads within the valley.


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