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Friday, December 30, 2011



Kathmandu, 31 Dec.: The Nilambar Acharya main constitution drafting committee beginning Saturday will review the report of the Prachanda sub-sub-committee report on themes to be included in a constitution to be promulgated by 28 May.
The Prachanda sub-committee couldn’t resolve all differences on
themes in the last three months.
Detailed discussions will begin only Monday after top leaders were empowered by the main committee Saturday to attempt further reconciliation of differences by Acharya.


Kathmandu, 31 Dec.: Main opposition NC Saturday marked 36th national reconciliation day nation-wide
A function is being held at Sundarijal where BP Koirala was interned during the panchayat regime.
The day marks the return home of the first elected prime minister
Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh and other NC leaders from self-exile in India where Indira Gandhi imposed emergency rule making it difficult for
the party to launch anti-panchayat activities with India as base.


Kathmandu, 31 Dec.:Another English language daily news paper hits the
Newsstand Saturday in the capital.
The New Paper published by Naya Press Pvt Ltd. describing itself as Nepal’s
first national tabloid daily is edited by Krishna Jwala Devkota.
The published brings out Naya Patrika, a vernacular daily newspaper from the capital.

Kathmandu, 31 Dec.:: Deepening rifts among ministers and state ministers at various ministries have held up the important activities of government agencies. According to sources at the ministries, though differences between ministers and state ministers have escalated at almost all ministries, six ministers and their state ministers are currently openly engaged in backbiting and counterattacks over issues involving the exercise of power and work division among
them, Bimal Gautam writes in Republica.

Ministers and state ministers at loggerheads over the exercise of power and equal distribution of ministerial tasks include Minister for General Administration Ram Kumar Yadav and State Minister Sunita Kumari Mahato, Land Reform and Management Minister Bhim Prasad Gautam and State Minister Jawala Sah, Forest and Soil Conservation Minister Mohammad Wakil Musalman and State Minister Laxman Mahato, Health Minister Rajendra Mahato and State Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav, and Education Minister Deena Nath Sharma and State Minister Lila Kumari Bhandari.

Ongoing disputes between General Administration Minister Yadav and State Minister Mahato have halted the formulation of a government employees’ transfer mechanism, which, according to ministry official, should have been introduced a week ago. The Ministry of General Administration (MoGA) is all set to transfer government staff after one month.

“She has floated a long list of demands,” admitted General Administration Minister Yadav, adding, “As you all know, a state minister doesn’t enjoy any rights legally. However, she has demanded that she be involved in the government employees transfer process, among other vital activities of the ministry.”

According to Minister Yadav, State Minister Mahato has demanded a new vehicle and the flying of the national flag at her residence. “Sometimes she floats unlawful demands and I have been rejecting them as unlawful,” Minister Yadav added.
Recently, State Minister Mahato lodged a complaint with Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai, claiming that she has been kept out of the exercise of power due to the minister’s obstinacy.

“The prime minister summoned me and asked me to move ahead, maintaining good relations with State Minister Mahato,” the minister told Republica, adding, “Why should I compromise with her since I have not obstructed her from carrying out her duties as prescribed by law?”
State Minister Mahato told Republica that she was deliberately sidelined in the process of transfering government employees and was thus unhappy with Minister Yadav. “Minister Yadav delegated powers to me neither verbally nor in writing. I have been rendered a mere pendulum.”
Minister Yadav added that the appointment of state ministers was itself absolutely futile. “The law doesn’t entrust state ministers with any responsibilities. Thus, the appointment of state ministers has become totally meaningless,” he remarked.

Disgruntled with Land Reform and Management Minister Bhim Prasad Gautam, State Minister Jwala Sah recently asked Gautam to either change some decisions on civil servant transfers or face serious consequences. “Minister Gautam, whom I regard as a brother, took transfer decisions without involving me,” State Minister Sah told Republica, adding, “I objected and subsequently he was compelled to revoke the decisions.”

She admitted that she has been deprived of the exercise of power due to the minister’s adamant nature. “Following repeated objections, Minister Gautam has recently assured me of power delegation. But I’m not fully optimistic over mere words. I have to wait and see whether or not he will translate his pledge into practice.”

State Minister Sah also recalled a recent incident with the minister. “When I received information about files related to squatters and transfer of ministry officials, I went directly to the minister and protested. He was then persuaded to assign me some important tasks.”
Asked why she objected to the minister’s activities, she said, “The minister has been taking various controversial decisions, which I don’t like.” She further said that she has warned the minister not to take any decision going beyond legal provisions and the transparency norms issued by the ministry.

Asked about the disputes, Minister Gautam declined to comment. “Do you media people want to sour our relations?” he questioned.
Forest Minister Musalman and State Minister Laxman Mahato are at loggerheads over the transfer of District Forest Officers (DFOs) and other issues. Asked why he has been involved in such disputes, Minister Musalman said, “The state minister is slightly unhappy with me but not completely. Come to my chamber for the details on Sunday.”

Similarly, State Minister for Health Saroj Yadav has been criticizing Health Minister Rajendra Mahato for not entrusting him with any responsibilities. “I have been rendered a pendulum,” an official quoted State Minister Yadav as saying, adding, “Whenever I go to his chamber seeking a role for myself, he tries to suggest I go on field visits.”

Likewise, disputes between Education Minister Sharma and State Minister Bhandari have also escalated. Disgruntled with Minister Sharma, State Minister Bhandari recently consulted Land Reform State Minister Sah. “Bhandari approached me seeking solutions to problems that have surfaced among ministers and state ministers,” Sah told Republica.



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