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Monday, February 25, 2013

ALTERNATIVE TO INTERIM CONSTITUTION SOUGHT Kathmandu, 25 Feb. : Chairman of the Rsatriya Prajatantra Party, Nepal (RPP-Nepal), Kamal Thapa, has said that an alternative to the Interim Constitution should be sought if election is not held by mid-June this year, RSS reports from Bhadrapur.. Talking to journalists at Bhadrapur Airport today, Thapa said that alternative could be either the reinstatement of the Constitution of Nepal, 1990 or a round-table conference. The people should be mobilized for this, he added. The RPP-Nepal chairman castigated the present Interim Constitution a patient in critical health and kept in a ventilator following the failure by the Constituent Assembly to write a new constitution and election for fresh Constituent Assembly not anywhere near sight. He said that his party had been always voicing for election since the beginning to bail the country out of the present political uncertainty. Thapa slammed the major political parties of double-standard and ruling the country through a ┬┤syndicate system┬┤ comprising these parties. He said that these parties did not intend to hold an election and also relinquishing from power Nnnn COMLAINTS AGAINST PM HIDDEN Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Complaints against Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and ministers at Hello Sarker have been hidden, Ishwari Subedi writes in Rajdhani. This came to light in a report for Mangshir, Paush and Magh just published. nnnn


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