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Thursday, March 14, 2013

INDIA REACTION Kathmandu, 14 March: India welcomed development in Nepal Thursday through a statement. “It was a must to hold fresh elections of the Constituent Assembly and establish the hard-achieved gains and multiparty,” the statement said. New Dehi hoped elections will be held within the deadline through cooperation with political parties and people. The statement said India was ready to extend any king kind support. nnnn FURTHER DETAILS OF PARAS CONDITION Kathmandu, 14 March: Condition is Paras Shah is stable and has been sifted to a general ward of a Bangkok hospital “Paras Bir Bikram Shah has been shifted from the ICU to the ward Today [Thursday]. Vitals are stable," a Bangkok hospital health bulletin Said. The hospital said Paras has no symptoms or signs of heart failure and liver and renal functions have stabilised. Cardiologist Dr. Songchai Chinwattanaku and Neurologist Dr. Sayan Cheepudomwit said neurologically there is partial impairment in cognitive function. “MRI of his head is normal." nnnn. PRESIDENT CERTIFIES ODINANCE ON TRUTH RECOMCILIATION COMMISSION Kathmandu, 14 March:: President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has certified the ´Probe of the Forced Disappearances, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Ordinance, 2069 BS´ as per the Sub-Article (1) of the Article 88 of the Interim Constitution, 2063 BS, RSS reports. A press release issued by the Office of the President today informed this Nnnn ELECTION EXPECTED AFTER REGMI INSTALLATION Kathmandu, 14 March: Leaders of the major political parties, taking the formation of the Interim Election Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of Chief Justice Khilraj Regmi, as positive, expressed the belief that now there will be election in the country and it would get an outlet. They said that all should go collectively for election to give an outlet to the political crisis and all including political parties and civil society should make the election successful though the situation is challenging. Stating that an election government was formed on political consensus of leaders of the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maoist, they asked not to suspect on election. They made this remark while emerging from the Presidential Palace, Sheetal Niwas, after oath taking by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers this morning. Stating that the present situation is a great opportunity for protecting democracy, President of the Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala said that the NC wants to utilize the opportunity. Koirala said that the NC has taken it with ease and added that NC would not compromise with any one on norms and values of democracy. Similarly, Vice-Chairman of the CPN-UML, Bamdev Gautam, said that they have formed the government on political consensus to hold second election to the Constituent Assembly (CA). Gautam said "We have the confidence that the election will be held in the determined date and the achievements made by Nepali people through Janandolan will be institutionalised." Vice-Chairman of the UCPN-Maoist, Narayankaji Shrestha, said that he was satisfied on having the opportunity to handover the responsibility to the new government. Shrestha said that the new government has challenges to hold the election to the CA by third week of June and added that all political parties, civil society and Nepali people should make the election a success. The UCPN-Maoist Vice-Chairman said that formation of the new government has ended situation of making the country a prisoner of indecision. He said they will hold talks with other political parties, which have expressed dissatisfaction on the formation of the election government and added that they will create election environment by taking concerns expressed by the dissatisfied parties as positive. nnnn


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