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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NATION-WIDE BANDH BRINGS LIFT TO STANDSTILL Kathmandu, 6 March: Life was brought to a standstill nation-wide by a bandh called by the Sangha Loktatrik Manch led by CPN Maoist Wednesday. The mainly left coalition called the 11-hour bandh to protest plans to install an election government headed by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi. The strike closed down school, industries, markets and brought movement of traffic to a halt. Several dozen supporters were protested as they vandalzed vehicles and forced closures. Nnnn TWO KILLED, THREE INJURED IN VEHICULAR ACCIDENT IN BANKE Kathmandu, 6 March: Two persons were killed and three were injured in a collision at Maheshpur in Banke Wednesday morning. The bus was heading for the far-West from the capital. Nnnn CAPITAL TEMPERATURE WEDNESDAY Kathmandu, 6 March: The capital’s Wednesday morning temperature is predicted at 9 degrees Celsius. Mercury on a clear day is expected to rise to 26 degrees Celsius. Nnnn PARTY CHIEF, PM RIFT PERSISTS Kathmandu, 6 March: A serious rift has surfaced between UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai, who is also the prime minister, over providing compensation to the victims of Bandarmude incident, Kiran Pun, Kosh Raj Regmi write in Republica. . Dahal, who was very unhappy at the government´s “reluctance” to release Rs 6 million in compensation to the kin of those killed or injured in the Bandarmude incident during the Maoist insurgency, had himself taken initiatives to release the amount from the party´s treasury Tuesday morning. Sources close to Dahal said he was miffed with Bhattarai for not releasing the amount even as he had received assurances from both the prime minister and peace minister before he made the announcement Thursday. What made him feel additionally bad, according the sources, was that the same cabinet had decided to release Rs 30 million for the proposed Dharma Ratna Yami Foundation. Late Yami is the prime minister´s father-in-law. However, the prime minister´s aide Bishwadeep Pandey, denying the allegations has tweeted, “Please don´t go by baseless slander. Seek truth from facts. This is 100 per cent fabrication.” Dahal had immediately called up the prime minister and Peace Minister Top Bahadur Rayamajhi following news reports that labeled him a “liar”. But as there was no positive response from them, Dahal while feeling an urgency to provide the victims the pledged amount, had called up the party´s office secretary Hit Raj Pandey and Amik Sherchan, who is the chief of the party disciplinary commission. Dahal had then directed them to immediately release the fund from the party´s treasury. “We will immediately go to Bandarmude to provide the relief package after the general strikes [scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday],” said Sherchan. He informed that the party will provide the package from the surplus money collected during the party´s seventh general convention held in Hetauda. However, the prime minister´s office has denied the allegation that the government had shown “unwillingness” to release the compensation amount. “The government has already decided to provide Rs 6 million to the victims through the peace ministry. Peace minister [Top Bahadur Rayamajhi] told me yesterday [Monday] that a process is under way to release the amount. So, the accusation that government does not intend to provide the relief package is baseless,” said the prime minister´s political advisor Devendra Paudel. “It takes time. It is not as simple as issuing a bank check.” But Sherchan countered Paudel´s statement. "If the government was serious about providing the relief package why has it not released the amount yet?” he asked, adding, “Something told by the party chairman is the voice of party.” Sherchan also said that the peace ministry has said that it had not received any such requests from the prime minister´s office. Altogether 38 people were killed in a bus in the ambush set up by Maoist cadres in Bandarmude, Chitwan on June 6, 2005. The families of victims had criticized Dahal after the government took no initiative to provide them the pledged amount. Nepali Congress and CPN-UML leaders participating in the four-party meeting held later in the afternoon at Special Committee secretariat said the “souring” relations between Chairman Dahal and Prime Minister Bhattarai was manifest in the talks. While Dahal appeared “flexible” on many of the contentious issues on the table, Bhattarai had strongly opposed them. “We could notice serious differences between Dahal and Bhattarai on many issues. As Bhattarai appears to be against any kind of compromise, we are convinced that he does not want to step down any time soon,” said an NC interlocutor. Though there was no substantial development in four-party negotiations on Tuesday, leaders while emerging from the meeting had claimed that discussions were moving in a positive direction and that they would “soon” reach consensus. “The taskforce has almost finalized its report. They have left the top leaders to settle the remaining contentious issues,” said NC Senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba. The major parties continue to be at odds on issues relating to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, citizenship, voter´s registration and rank determination of the Maoist combatants to be integrated in the Nepal Army. The cross-party taskforce had submitted its report to the meeting on Tuesday, while leaving these contentious issues to be resolved by the top leaders. Nnnn PM, PRESIDENT ASK SC TO SCRAP PETITION AGAINST CJ-LED GOVT. Kathmandu, 6 March: Responding to the Supreme Court (SC) order to furnish clarifications over the proposal to form an election government under the leadership of Chief Justice (CJ) Khil Raj Regmi, the president´s office and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and his office have said that the issue does not fall under the jurisdiction of the apex court as it is a ´purely´ political matter, Gani Ansari writes in Republica.. In separate written clarifications sent to the SC on Tuesday, the president´s office and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and his office have termed the writ petition filed by Advocate Bharat Mani Jangam as ´fictitious´ and ´meaningless´, and urged the apex court to scrap it. Chairman of UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal, in his clarification, termed the writ petition ´immature´ and ´ill-intentioned´. The SC last Sunday sought written clarifications regarding the issue from the president´s office, the prime minister and his office and Chairman Dahal by March 5. Following hearings on a writ petition filed by Advocate Jangam at the SC, a single bench of Justice Sushila Karki had decided to forward the case to a special bench, stating that it was necessary to interpret several laws before issuing any final verdict. The president´s office, in its two-page clarification, maintained that it does not believe a dispute related to a political issue can be a matter for judicial review. The president´s office has further argued that the writ petitioner is not clear what it has done that is against the Interim Constitution. The president´s office has also said that it is the established norm for the president to hold discussions with leaders of political parties in the capacity of head of state and protector of the constitution, in order to resolve the present crisis in the broader interest of the country. The prime minister and his office have stated that the writ petition is against the spirit of the ongoing peace process and the particular political situation obtaining in the entire country. Stating that the writ petition has raised an issue that is related purely to giving an outlet to the country, Bhattarai and his office have claimed that the apex court cannot carry out any judicial review on the issue. The prime minister and his office have maintained that the political parties agreed on the formation of an election government led by the sitting chief justice for holding fresh polls for a Constituent Assembly after they failed to forge consensus on any other alternative regarding formation of such a new government. “There will not be any adverse impact on constitutionalism and an independent judiciary, and separation of powers will remain intact, as the chief justice, once he heads an election government, will only execute the tasks of the executive and keep away from any day to day activities in the capacity of CJ,” reads a seven-page written clarification from the prime minister and his office. Arguing that raising the issue of formation of a government cannot be termed ´public interest litigation´, Prime Minister Bhattarai has maintained that the issue attracts the political question doctrine and does not come under judicially determinable standards. The prime minister and his office have also presented examples of a government led by a chief justice in Bangladesh in 1991 and the constitutional provision in Greece on the formation of a chief justice-led government. They have maintained that the political parties are fully aware that the formation of a government under the CJ will not affect separation of powers and checks and balance. Maoist Chairman Dahal has accused the writ petitioner of moving the SC with an ill intention of destroying the achievements of democracy in the country. He has also mentioned that the formation of the CJ-led government will be fully supportive of the separation of powers. Nnnn HUGO CHAVEZ DEAD Kathmandu, 6 March : Some in anguish, some in fear, Venezuelans raced for home on Tuesday after the government announced the death of President Hugo Chavez, the firebrand socialist who led the nation for 14 years, AP reports from Caracas, Venezuela.. Vice President Nicolas Maduro´s voice broke and tears ran down his face as he appeared on national television to announce that Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. local time (3:55 p.m EST; 1755 GMT) "after battling hard against an illness over nearly two years." He did not say what exactly killed Chavez, although the government had announced the previous night that a severe new respiratory infection had severely weakened him. Just a few hours earlier, Maduro made a virulent speech against enemies he claimed were trying to undermine Venezuelan democracy. But as he announced the death, Maduro called on Venezuelans to be "dignified inheritors of the giant man" Chavez was. "Let there be no weakness, no violence. Let there be no hate. In our hearts there should only be one sentiment: Love. Love, peace and discipline." All across downtown Caracas, shops and restaurants begin closing and Venezuelans hustled for home, some even breaking into a run. Many had looks of anguish and incredulity on their faces. "I feel a sorrow so big I can´t speak," said Yamilina Barrios, a 39-year-old clerk who works in the Industry Ministry, her face covered in tears. "He was the best this country had," she said, disconsolately weeping. "I adore him. "I hope the country calms down and continues the work that he left us, continues in unity and the progress continues," Barrios said. Among the nervous was Maria Elena Lovera, a 45-year-old housewife. "I want to go home. People are crazy and are way too upset." In the only immediately known incident of political violence, a group of masked, helmeted men on motorcycles, some brandishing revolvers, attacked about 40 students who had been protesting for more than a week near the Supreme Court building to demand the government give more information about Chavez´s health. The attackers, who wore no clothing identifying any political allegiance, burned the students´ tents and scattered their food just minutes after the death was announced. "They burned everything we had," said student leader Gaby Arellano. She said none of the attackers fired a shot but that she saw four with pistols. Maduro called on Venezuelans to convene in the capital´s Bolivar Square, named for the 19th century independence hero Simon Bolivar, who Chavez claimed as his chief inspiration. The vice president also called on the opposition to respect "the people´s pain." "Those who never supported the comandante Hugo Chavez, respect the pain of the people. This is the moment to think of our families, of our country." Chavez leaves behind a socialist political movement firmly in control of the nation, but with some doubt about how a new leadership will be formed. Chavez´s illness prevented him from taking the oath of office after he was re-elected to a new term on Oct. 7 and under the constitution, National Assembly chief Diosdado Cabello apparently would take over as interim president. But there was no sign of Cabello on the podium as Maduro announced Chavez´s death. The constitution also says that elections should be called in 30 days. Chavez had specified that his supporters should support Maduro as his successor. The man Chavez defeated in October, the youthful Miranda state Gov. Henrique Capriles, would be expected to represent the opposition. Venezuela´s defense minister also appeared on television to announce that the military will remain loyal to the constitution in the wake of Chavez´s death. Admiral Diego Molero appealed for "unity, tranquility and understanding" among Venezuelans. The announcement stunned Venezuelans, if it did not surprise them. Earlier in the day, Maduro used a more belligerent tone as he announced the government had expelled two U.S. diplomats from the country and said "we have no doubt" that Chavez´s cancer, which was first diagnosed in June 2011, was induced by "the historical enemies of our homeland." He compared the situation to the death of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, claiming Arafat was "inoculated with an illness." Chavez´s inner circle has long claimed the United States was behind a failed 2002 attempt to overthrow him, and he has frequently played the anti-American card to stir up support. Venezuela has been without a U.S. ambassador since July 2010. Maduro has been taking on a larger role since Chavez urged Venezuelans to choose him as president before disappearing in early December to undergo a fourth round of cancer surgery in Cuba. He accused U.S. Embassy´s Air Force attache Col. David Delmonaco of spying on Venezuela´s military and seeking to involve officers in "destabilizing projects." Maduro gave Delmonaco 24 hours to leave, and U.S. officials said he had already departed the country. Maduro said Tuesday that the government was "on the trail of other elements that figure in this entire venomous scenario and are seeking to stir up trouble." Later Tuesday, Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said a second U.S. Air Force attache was being expelled, also for alleged espionage. "Let´s remember that active participation of the United States in the fascist coup of 2002," Jaua said. Chavez has run Venezuela for more than 14 years as a virtual one-man show, gradually placing all state institutions under his personal control. But the former army paratroop commander, who rose to fame by launching a failed 1992 coup, never groomed a successor with his same kind of force of personality. The campaign for the upcoming election to replace him, though undeclared, has nevertheless already begun. Maduro has frequently commandeered all broadcast channels, Chavez-style, to tout the "revolution" and vilify the opposition. Maduro on Tuesday repeated government claims that Capriles met in the United States over the weekend with right-wing U.S. conspirators and was planning to meet over the weekend with Roberta Jacobsen, assistant U.S. secretary of state for the hemisphere. One personality on state TV also accused the Capriles family of buying a New York City apartment with stolen funds. Capriles responded via Twitter Tuesday by calling Maduro a liar. "Lie after lie in every speech," he said. Chavez, long famed for his marathon appearances at televised events, had neither been seen nor heard from, except for photos released in mid-February, since submitting to a fourth round of surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11 for an unspecified cancer in the pelvic area. It was first diagnosed in June 2011. The government said Chavez returned home on Feb. 18 and has been confined to Caracas´ military hospital ever since. Maduro said last week that the president had begun receiving chemotherapy around the end of January. Among those stunned by the announcement was 38-year-old soft drink seller Nelson Ramirez, who sympathized with the fallen president. "This is the worst thing that could have happened to our country," he said. "Without Chavez, I don´t know what will happen here. We poor people could be forgotten again." On the other side of Venezuela´s political divide was Carlos Quijada, a 38-year-old economist who said he was sad that death rather than an election defeat had written Chavez´s political obituary. "Now there is a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen," he said. Nnnn ________________________________________


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