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Friday, March 1, 2013

PRESIDENT BRIEFED BY FOUR PARTY LEADERS ON REGMI APPOINTMENT UPDATE Kathmandu, 1 March: Leaders of four major political forces in and out of government also briefed President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Friday on efforts to remove obstacles in a package agreement to install Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to coduct constituent assembly elections for the second time. The briefing came immediately after another inconclusive meeting at Baluwatar to resolve difference on a package agreement to install a Regmi government. There was no agreement Thursday at the meet of the four forces and a eight-member task force appointed by them. The president and party leaders discussed forming an election government and removal of obstacles for its appointment by March 5 simultaneously, main opposition Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel said.. nnnn CJ SHOULD RESIGN TO TAKE UP PM RESPONSIBILITIES SAYS NC LEADER Kathmandu, 1 March : Nepali Congress (NC) leader Arjun Narsingh KC has said that the NC was of the view that the Chief Justice (CJ) should give up his post for taking up the premiership of the government, RSS reports from Nuwakot.. Speaking at a press conference organized by Press Union, Nuwakot chapter, here today, he said NC has the political stance of ending current political deadlock through the election. He said that CJ-led election government was the proper option but the process was wrong. NC leader KC said that his party was firm on its stance that the CJ should relinquish his post after becoming the Prime Minister. The Unified CPN (Maoist) did not want to go to the election making different excuses in the name of forging consensus as it wanted to stick to power, claimed KC. He said the Maoist-led government has invited economic crisis in the country by doling out money from the state coffer to the Nnnn BLOODSHED SPREADS IN BANGLADESH AFTER DEATH SENTENCE ANNOUNEMENT Kathmandu, 1 March: Bangladesh police say 42 people have been killed in rioting sparked by a special tribunal's death sentence for an Islamic political party leader convicted of war crimes, AP reports from Dhaka. . Top Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced Thursday for mass killings, rape and atrocities committed during the independence war against Pakistan in 1971. The politically charged verdict sent his supporters into the streets, where they clashed with police, attacked government offices, and uprooted railway tracks in parts of the country. Police and witness said Friday that 42 people had been killed. nnnn


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