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Monday, March 25, 2013

HOME MINISTRY CONFIRMS PREPARATIONS FOR VOTE BEING OBSTRCTED Kathmandu, 25 March: Home ministry warned overnight it will deal sternly with anybody disrupting work related to preparation for the second constituent elections. High-powered four party mechanism has recommended 18 June to the government of Khil Raj Regmi described as a puppet. The home ministry said incidents of obstruction are increasing. Thirty-three parties, including CPN Maoist, a splinter ground of UCPN Maoist, has come out on public protests against an election and the Khil Rak Regmi government, whose recall has been demanded. Secretary Deb Gurung of CPN Maoist reiterated Monday his party will disrupt the vote. Elections are being held with the help of ‘agents of three or four foreign agents”> Supporters of the party Sunday snatched laptops of officials collecting data for making biometric citizenship certificates in Myagdhi. A new team of election officials installed Sunday is reviewing preparations for the vote. “Ww are reviewing preparations that have been made. Firm dates for the vote can’t be announced yet,” Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantha Upretry said after installation. UCPN Maoist is attempting to form a front with 20 other parties with a common agenda as Madeshbadi parties met to discus their election priorities. NC and UML have said they will join the vote which many say isn’t possible in jUne. The next alternative is a vote in November. Foreign governments are pushing the vote with assurances of help. A constitution should be a document of consensus. But parties are attempting to collect a two-third ajority in the vote to push a party manifesto on the people. There’s hardly a difference between parliamentary and assembly elections although the coming vote is both for an assembly and parliament. A majority is needed by parties at last to capture Singha Durbar. Nnnn


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